What we did in April 2015

Owner’s Project Manager (OPM) applications have been received and reviewed by an Ad Hoc Library Building Review Committee consisting of Town Administrator Robert Fennessy, Building Inspector Paul Armstrong, Library Trustee Vanessa Verkade, Library Director Sia Stewart, and LBSC member Jack Burrey. Interviews with the finalists are scheduled for April 30th. We hope to have a signed contract and commence work with the OPM by mid-May.

The LBSC has accepted a building program from consultant Cheryl Bryan. Further edits will be made before the Committee votes on a final Building Program to present to the Library Trustees on May 5th. Once approved, the Program will be sent to the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners and will be the basis for the proposal we develop over the next year, to present to the Town in March and April 2016.

We are also scheduling further informational visits to area libraries in May.