Artist painting a picture of a lighthouse

August 2017 – Steve Clinch

Steve Clinch’s Biography:

Born, brought up and educated in the Boston Area, I began my career with
a mechanical engineering degree, but evolved to senior management
positions with a number of manufacturing companies. Early in my career,
we moved to Gloucester, where I first began to apply my drawing skills to
the medium of oils.



You can’t live there without developing a love and appreciation for the sea and its special scenery. No matter where we have lived since, the major focus of my work has been sea and shore. I studied with some of the very famous artists in the Gloucester/Rockport area.




We’ve since lived in several areas of the country and I’ve exhibited in
Wisconsin with paintings hanging in several public and private collections.
Recently, I’ve turned my attention to portrait work and I’m finding that there
is a big difference between a credible portrait and a credible likeness.
I have lived in Kingston now nearly 20 years with my wife of 49 years.

Artist’s Statement:

This exhibit highlights the work I love best – promoting realism, technical
competence, and the elegance of oil as a medium. It bridges my earliest
attempts in the 70’s to work done in the last month.