A bear cub in long grass

July 2017 – Ed Corvelli: Alaska: Land of Wonders

My interest in photography goes back to my youth with a Kodak Brownie Hawkeye camera. I have experienced the evolution of photography from film to the present day digital imaging. The dramatic change in the art of photography has been remarkable.

I was the President and owner of New England Book Components, in Hingham Massachusetts, a company that printed book covers and dust jackets for the book publishing industry. I had extensive interaction with illustrators, artists, and photographers in the preparation of the covers of books. Digital imaging has revolutionized printing and the photography world.

While attending two photography workshops in Alaska, in 2014 at Lake Clark National Park, I began photographing wild life, especially brown bears in their natural habitat. Then in 2016 in and around Fairbanks, I photographed the Northern Lights. Alaska is on every photographers bucket list. Alaska truly is “Land of Wonders.”

Lake Clark is one of the largest National Parks in the country. It is coastal, and I was able to photograph brown bears down at the water’s edge fishing, clamming and waiting for salmon to run up the creeks and rivers.

Fairbanks, Alaska is 100 miles from the Arctic Circle. In the winter of 2016, cold and very clear nights, gave way to a show of the Northern Lights that was truly remarkable. To see the night sky open up with such color, vibrancy, and constant change was simply spiritual and magical.