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October 2017 – The World Around Us by Scotty Hokanson

The World Around Us by Scotty Hokanson


Artist’s Statement: 

My name is Scotty Hokanson.  I am a sophomore in high school at Sacred Heart in Kingston.  I am looking forward to a career in the visual arts.  In the 6th grade I told my parents that I no longer wanted to play soccer, and they agreed to let me stop if I found something else to do.  I found art.

Since that time, I have spent every week working towards becoming a better artist.  in school at Sacred Heart I take art, but on my own I am tutored by Heidi Mayo of the Top of the World Studio in Duxbury.

My work is mostly landscape, still life and animals.  My primary medium is pastels and a newer medium is acrylics.

I have received a gold ribbon from the Boston Globe; received Best in Show at the Plymouth Art Guilds’ Young Art show in 2015 and first place in my age group in 2016.  I was the youngest artist to paint one of the Plymouth lobsters in celebration of the upcoming Plymouth 400 and my lobster is on display on North Street today.