New item for checkout – Mobile WiFi Hotspots

Want to stream the big game but the power is out?  Can’t get Wi-Fi service on vacation? Using up too much of your data plan while on the road?  The Kingston Public Library has the solution – mobile Wi-Fi hotspots.

Kingston’s “library of things” continues to expand with more items you may not expect to find at a library.  In addition to a great selection of board games and launch pads – easy to use preloaded tablets – the Kingston Public Library now offers card holders the chance to check out mobile Wi-Fi hotspots.  Hotspots are ideal for staying connected during vacations, road trips, long commutes, power outages and more.

With over eight hours of battery life and support for up to ten devices at 4G speeds, your friends and family can stay connected too. Whether it’s your laptop, tablet, phone, or gaming console, mobile Wi-Fi hotspots will help keep you and your family connected – and keep your data usage down – no matter where you go.

For more information on mobile Wi-Fi hotspots, or to explore our other collections, contact the library at 781-585-0517 or visit