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May Gallery Exhibit – “Observational Watercolors” An Exhibition by the Silver Lake Middle School 8th Grade Art Students

This May, our gallery and reading area feature the watercolor paintings of the Silver Lake Middle School 8th Grade Art Students.

The 8th grade painting and drawing classes at Silver Lake Middle School present their observational watercolors in this show. Painting and drawing is one of the three art elective classes 8th grade students can choose at Silver Lake Middle School in addition to an all year long art class.

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Portrait of two brothers with a red background

January Gallery & Display Case Exhibit – Paul Chapdelaine

This January, the gallery will feature the art work of Paul Chapdelaine. In this exhibit, the scenes feature landscapes in Marshfield and Duxbury. Also, included are several portraits.  The paintings are all created using oils and are painted on wood.

Paul began his career in art in the mid 1970’s. Living in Rockport in the late 1970’s, he studied under Michael Stoffa. Attending the Gloucester Academy of Art, he built his portfolio to enter art school. In the early 1980’s, he was accepted to the Museum of Fine Arts Art School in Boston and graduated in 1985. In those four years, Paul studied drawing, painting, sculpture and etching with various teachers.

Paul’s first work was shown in an exhibition of students work by the Gloucester Academy of Fine Arts at the Sawyer Library in Gloucester, Massachusetts. His paintings have also been  in the On The Porch exhibition at the Gibney Gallery in Rockport, the Michael Stoffa Gallery in Northampton, and the Andover Art in the Park.

After traveling throughout the United States and various European and Caribbean countries, Paul and his family settled in Roatan, Honduras from 1995-2015.He has exhibited his paintings at the Waves of Art Gallery in Roatan, Honduras.

Paul Chapdelaine now lives in Duxbury, Massachusetts.

Large purple palm print

December Gallery Exhibit- An International Poster Exhibit by Stephen Lewis

This December, our gallery will feature a selection of posters from the collection of Stephen Lewis. Organizations in many countries use posters as a way to communicate ideas and messages to their audience. Posters are sometimes used as billboards and are pasted on walls, fences and poles all over a city. Unions sometimes hang posters in work places to warn of dangers, educate about benefits or inspire actions. Posters sometimes use mainly the written word to communicate a message. Other times they rely on creative art to communicate the idea. It is an art form that is easily accessible to many people. The art goes to the people rather than the people having to go to a museum.

The posters are from a collection of more than 6800 of Stephen Lewis.  He is a long-time activist in the labor movement, and the treasurer of his union. Stephen has exhibited at a number of public libraries in Massachusetts and two of the state Heritage parks. He has presented at the annual conference  of the National Council on Public History, and on some cable television programs. The posters were contributed by friends, collected at conferences, visits to some of the organizations, and from connections made through the internet.

Boat house with sailboat in the yard

November 2017 – Kingston Council On Aging Oil Painting Class

This November, our gallery will exhibit  work by the students of A. Violet Berry in their Wednesday morning oil painting workshops. The students featured in this exhibit are Susan Lee Traft, Gail Burgess, Leanne Berry, Rita Bento, Sue Mrosk, Maralyn “Gig” Paris, Ruth Littman, Diane Wilson, Gladys McGarry, Bill Mello, Armando Enriquez and Richard Stevens.

Their exhibit includes a variety of animals, landscapes, and portraits. All of the students are senior citizens, most are from Kingston. Some have painted before, but for many this class has been their introduction to painting.

For the past 14 years, Mrs. Berry, for many years an art teacher in the Kingston School System, has been teaching oil painting through the Council on Aging. Former Council on Aging Director Muriel Boyce made the original suggestion to Mrs. Berry and her husband Patrick and worked with them to plan and promote the class to seniors. The class has proven to be very popular, most of the students from the first class have continued on through several years. The classes are held in spring and fall at the Senior Center on Wednesday mornings.





Purple flower on red and green background

October 2017 – The World Around Us by Scotty Hokanson

The World Around Us by Scotty Hokanson


Artist’s Statement: 

My name is Scotty Hokanson.  I am a sophomore in high school at Sacred Heart in Kingston.  I am looking forward to a career in the visual arts.  In the 6th grade I told my parents that I no longer wanted to play soccer, and they agreed to let me stop if I found something else to do.  I found art.

Since that time, I have spent every week working towards becoming a better artist.  in school at Sacred Heart I take art, but on my own I am tutored by Heidi Mayo of the Top of the World Studio in Duxbury.

My work is mostly landscape, still life and animals.  My primary medium is pastels and a newer medium is acrylics.

I have received a gold ribbon from the Boston Globe; received Best in Show at the Plymouth Art Guilds’ Young Art show in 2015 and first place in my age group in 2016.  I was the youngest artist to paint one of the Plymouth lobsters in celebration of the upcoming Plymouth 400 and my lobster is on display on North Street today.

September 2017 – Paul Casagrande: Road to Redemption

“Road to Redemption” 


Paul Casagrande

This September, our gallery features the pen and ink watercolors of Kingston artist Paul Casagrande. In this exhibit, “The Road To Redemption And Other Places”, the six churches on the Main Street of Kingston are among some of the historic buildings and other local places of interest featured in this show. Also included are places that he and his wife Barbara have visited.

About the Artist:

“My  interest in art began as a child with encouragement from his father who could draw anything. After serving in the Army I studied at Vesper George School of Art. I have studied with Clement Micarelli, Anthony Visco, and Peter Spataro. I was introduced to many very good artists through Lilias Cingolani’s New Art Forum.”

“I have balanced a sales career with his art by doing commissioned paintings of homes for builders, realtors, and home owners. I now work full time at my art with commissions and teaching at assisted living and nursing homes. I find the time that I spend teaching rewarding for myself and Ihope for my students.”

Artist painting a picture of a lighthouse

August 2017 – Steve Clinch

Steve Clinch’s Biography:

Born, brought up and educated in the Boston Area, I began my career with
a mechanical engineering degree, but evolved to senior management
positions with a number of manufacturing companies. Early in my career,
we moved to Gloucester, where I first began to apply my drawing skills to
the medium of oils.



You can’t live there without developing a love and appreciation for the sea and its special scenery. No matter where we have lived since, the major focus of my work has been sea and shore. I studied with some of the very famous artists in the Gloucester/Rockport area.




We’ve since lived in several areas of the country and I’ve exhibited in
Wisconsin with paintings hanging in several public and private collections.
Recently, I’ve turned my attention to portrait work and I’m finding that there
is a big difference between a credible portrait and a credible likeness.
I have lived in Kingston now nearly 20 years with my wife of 49 years.

Artist’s Statement:

This exhibit highlights the work I love best – promoting realism, technical
competence, and the elegance of oil as a medium. It bridges my earliest
attempts in the 70’s to work done in the last month.


A bear cub in long grass

July 2017 – Ed Corvelli: Alaska: Land of Wonders

My interest in photography goes back to my youth with a Kodak Brownie Hawkeye camera. I have experienced the evolution of photography from film to the present day digital imaging. The dramatic change in the art of photography has been remarkable.

I was the President and owner of New England Book Components, in Hingham Massachusetts, a company that printed book covers and dust jackets for the book publishing industry. I had extensive interaction with illustrators, artists, and photographers in the preparation of the covers of books. Digital imaging has revolutionized printing and the photography world.

While attending two photography workshops in Alaska, in 2014 at Lake Clark National Park, I began photographing wild life, especially brown bears in their natural habitat. Then in 2016 in and around Fairbanks, I photographed the Northern Lights. Alaska is on every photographers bucket list. Alaska truly is “Land of Wonders.”

Lake Clark is one of the largest National Parks in the country. It is coastal, and I was able to photograph brown bears down at the water’s edge fishing, clamming and waiting for salmon to run up the creeks and rivers.

Fairbanks, Alaska is 100 miles from the Arctic Circle. In the winter of 2016, cold and very clear nights, gave way to a show of the Northern Lights that was truly remarkable. To see the night sky open up with such color, vibrancy, and constant change was simply spiritual and magical.