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March Book Madness

Help celebrate the books you loved in 2017! Over the course of five weeks, Old Colony Library Network is inviting readers to vote online round by round to whittle 32 of the most popular and talked about adult fiction titles of 2017 down to our “champion” book.  Winners of each round will be announced on Fridays and the new round of voting will open online the same day.  The book of the year winner will be announced on April 6th.

Haven’t read some of the competitors?  Stop by the display in the library and check one out!

Boston Bruins 11th annual PJ Drive – Fines for PJs

Fines for PJs 
From March 12th to the 17th, the Kingston Public Library will waive late fees $10 and under with each donation of PJs!

Over the last 11 years, the Boston Bruins PJ Drive has raised thousands of dollars, and given thousands of PJs to families in need. This year, with a goal of 15,000 new PJs, the drive is poised once again to help thousands of children across the state. To reach this goal, the help of all communities in Massachusetts is needed.  In years past Kingston residents have shown their kindness by contributing generously to this drive. This year, the Kingston Public Library has raised the bar and set a goal of collecting 100 pairs of new PJs.   In addition to helping local families in need, each donor will receive a ticket for a drawing in March to win a prize from a selection of Boston Bruins gear.

The drive runs from February 1st to March 15th. Those interested in making a donation can drop off their new PJs at the collection station in at the Kingston Public Library. With the help and support of Kingston residents, thousands of children across Massachusetts can have access to a warm set of PJs, something no kid should be without.


*PJs cannot be used towards processing fees, lost card fees, or lost books.
For more information visit the library’s website at or call the library at 781-585-0517 x125

What is Fake News Presented at the Kingston Public Library

Fake news has been around for as long as human beings could communicate. Of course, over time, the methods of delivery have become more sophisticated. Sometimes it’s as innocuous as Hollywood gossip, while other times fake news can potentially have dire consequences. Fast forward to 2017 with the advent of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, to name a few, where people can pick and choose news that suits their personal narratives and then share it with whomever they want whether the story has been proven or not. The Kingston Public Library hosted a visiting lecturer from Bridgewater State University to discuss the dangers of the modern day fake news.

Dungeons & Dragons at Kingston Public Library

PCN PACTV Community News- The Kingston Public Library hosted a Dungeons and Dragons gaming event for players 13 and over. Dungeons and Dragons is a card game that helps build communications skills and creates a collaborative gaming environment. With wizards, witches, Dungeons and of course Dragons… All who attended had a great time and PCN dropped in to get the story.

Libraries Can be More Than Just Books -NY Times

Libraries Can Be More Than Just Books
SEPT. 18, 2017

New York has an opportunity, one shared by cities across the country, to improve library infrastructure while creating badly needed housing. By using aging branches as sites for development, new libraries may rise with affordable apartments on top. The administration of Mayor Bill de Blasio should seize the chance at sites citywide to link these crucial needs.

Read the full article here.

We all need libraries!

Watch We All Need Libraries! a fun, eye-opening 3-minute video about Massachusetts libraries and how much they are valued in their communities. For example, did you know that 5 million people attend the home games of the Patriots, Red Sox, Celtics, and Bruins — and 34 million Massachusetts residents visit their public libraries every year?