Board Games Collection

Rory’s Story Cubes


Age Range: 4+
Number of Players: 2 – 4
Game Length: 30 Minutes
Difficulty: 1 / 5


There are infinite ways to play with Rory’s Story Cubes. You can play solitaire or with others. Here are some suggested uses: Party game or ice-breaker, Literacy development, Speaking and listening skills, Creative inspiration, Mental workout, Problem solving. Rory’s Story Cubes is a pocket-sized creative story generator, providing hours of imaginative play for all ages. With Rory’s Story Cubes, anyone can become a great storyteller and there are no wrong answers. Simply roll the cubes and let the pictures spark your imagination.

Spot it! Finding Dory

Age Range: 7+
Number of Players: 2 – 8
Game Length: 15 Minutes
Difficulty: 1 / 5

Spot it! Finding Dory puts a Dory spin on the family favorite, spot it! just like the other spot it! games, Finding Dory will come with a variety of unique symbols for you to identify and match from card to card. Many of the symbols represent Nemo, Dory and their fish friends. You’ll recognize characters from Finding Nemo, like dedicated dad marlin, nemo’s school pals, and a couple of familiar sea Turtles, but you can also expect newer friends from dory’s upcoming adventure to make an appearance.

Stuff and Nonsense


Age Range: 12+
Number of Players: 2 – 6
Game Length: 60 Minutes
Difficulty: 1.3 / 5


Stuff and Nonsense is “the Inevitable Aftermath of Professor Elemental’s Imaginary Polar Expedition”, an adventure game about never leaving London. The players move about the city, collecting artifacts and stories, and then return to the Adventurer’s Club to tell made-up stories of adventure. This game plays something like a board game, though the board is made entirely of cards. The cards are filled with humorous text and whimsical illustrations by Harold Fay.

Sushi Go Party!

Age Range: 8+
Number of Players: 2 – 8
Game Length: 20 Minutes
Difficulty: 1.2 / 5

Pass the sushi! In this fast-playing card game, the goal is to grab the best combination of sushi dishes as they whiz by. Score points for making the most maki rolls or for collecting a full set of sashimi. Dip your favorite nigiri in wasabi to triple its value. But be sure to leave room for dessert or else you’ll eat into your score! Gather the most points and consider yourself the sushi master!

Through the Ages

Age Range: 13+
Number of Players: 2 – 4
Game Length: 2 – 3 Hours
Difficulty: 4.1 / 5

Through the Ages is a civilization building game. Each player attempts to build the best civilization through careful resource management, discovering new technologies, electing the right leaders, building wonders and maintaining a strong military. Weakness in any area can be exploited by your opponents. The game takes place throughout the ages beginning in the age of antiquity and ending in the modern age.

Unexploded Cow


Age Range: 12+
Number of Players: 2 – 6
Game Length: 25 Minutes
Difficulty: 1.3 / 5


Europe. Summer 1997. You and your most creative friends have discovered two problems with a common solution: mad cows in England and unexploded bombs in France. You’ve decided to bring these two powder kegs together just to see what happens – and you wouldn’t say “no” to a little money on the side, so round up your herd, march them through France, and set them loose behind the Cordon Rouge. If you’re lucky, you’ll come home rich before Greenpeace gets hold of you.