House Histories

111 South Street, 1920
111 South Street, 1920

The House History Collection (HHC) contains information on the older houses of Kingston.

The Collection is based on the 1998-1999 Massachusetts Historical Commission survey, and house information often includes the historical name of the house, the builder, the house’s architectural information and information on the house’s residents. These House History forms were downloaded from the Massachusetts Historical Commission’s MACRIS database.

The Local History Room staff and volunteers have added any additional information that we uncover from any collection, photograph, or other type of resource that comes into the LHR to each of these forms. If the original survey did not cover a specific property and we have information on that location, we have created our own forms.

House History Lookup: Many House History forms can be found here.

Interested in researching your home’s history?

We recommend that you give us a call, email, or stop by to see what additional information we have on your house. Your next step might be researching the deeds for your house and property at the Plymouth Registry of Deeds. Once you have uncovered your home’s past owners and significant dates,  you might bring that information back to the Local History Room for another look at the collections.