Here are links to a few maps of Kingston, dated 1795 to 1903. Click on any thumbnail image to open or download a pdf map. Some of the scans have been copied from other sites or have been isolated from atlases; both the sources and the full volumes are linked in the description.

More Kingston maps and the online GIS on the Town’s website.

1795TH 1795
“Plan of the Town of Kingston”
1820_1830TH 1820-1830
“Five School Districts”
1857 Town – 1857 Village
Details from “Map of Plymouth County,” by Henry Francis Walling, D.R. Smith & Co., Publisher

1876 Key – 1876 Map – 1876 Text
“Map of the Town of Kingston,” E.N. Boyden, E.B. Stillings & Co. Publisher; “Key to the Map” listing owners and occupants; and a transcription of the key.
1879 Residences, p. 73 – 1879 Town, p. 69 –
1879 Villages of Kingston and Rocky Nook, pp.70-71

Atlas of Plymouth County, Massachusetts, Justin Winsor. George H. Walker & Co., Publisher.Scans from the State Library of Massachusetts.
Full atlas available.
1885TH 1885 Bird’s-eye
“Village of Kingston,” A. F. Poole, Publisher.
Scan from the Norman B. Leventhal Map Center, BPL
1899TH  1889 Sheet 1
Boundaries of Kingston, Topographical Survey CommissionScan from the State Library of Massachusetts.
Full volume available.
1903 Town, Plate 11 –  1903 Village, Plate 13
New Topographical Atlas of Surveys: Plymouth County, L. J. Richards, Springfield, Ma., Publisher. Scanned images from the State Library of Massachusetts.
Full atlas available.