Here are links to a few maps of Kingston, dated 1795 to 1903. Click on any thumbnail image to open or download a pdf map. Some of the scans have been copied from other sites or have been isolated from atlases; both the sources and the full volumes are linked in the description.

More Kingston maps and the online GIS on the Town’s website.

“Plan of the Town of Kingston”
1820_1830TH 1820-1830
“Five School Districts”
Village detail from the “Map of Plymouth County," Henry Francis Walling. 1857

1857 Town – 1857 Village
Details from “Map of Plymouth County,” by Henry Francis Walling, D.R. Smith & Co., Publisher

1876 Key – 1876 Map – 1876 Text
“Map of the Town of Kingston,” E.N. Boyden, E.B. Stillings & Co. Publisher; “Key to the Map” listing owners and occupants; and a transcription of the key.
1879 Residences, p. 73 – 1879 Town, p. 69 –
1879 Villages of Kingston and Rocky Nook, pp.70-71

Atlas of Plymouth County, Massachusetts, Justin Winsor. George H. Walker & Co., Publisher.Scans from the State Library of Massachusetts.
Full atlas available.
1885 Bird’s-eye
“Village of Kingston,” A. F. Poole, Publisher.
Scan from the Norman B. Leventhal Map Center, BPL
 1889 Sheet 1
Boundaries of Kingston, Topographical Survey CommissionScan from the State Library of Massachusetts.
Full volume available.

1903 Town, Plate 11 –  1903 Village, Plate 13
New Topographical Atlas of Surveys: Plymouth County, L. J. Richards, Springfield, Ma., Publisher. Scanned images from the State Library of Massachusetts.
Full atlas available.