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  • Swimming lessons Red Cross swimming lessons behind Delano's Wharf, circa 1945  Source: Image from the Mary Hathaway Collection MC21. Continue Reading
  • Happy Father’s Day In honor of Father’s Day this weekend, here is a sweet moment captured by Kingston historian and photographer Emily Fuller Drew of her niece, Norma, jumping into the waiting arms of her father, Clarence Drew (Emily’s brother).   Source: Image from the Emily Fuller Drew Collection MC16. Continue Reading
  • June 1924 This photo from June 1924 shows an especially happy bunch of schoolchildren from the Center Primary School, renamed the Faunce School later that same year in honor of Walter H. Faunce, a former teacher, superintendent of schools, and town selectman.   Source: Image from the School Photograph Collection IC5.  Continue Reading
  • Memorial Day Take a look at this snapshot of the 1946 Memorial Day parade as the procession, led by marshall Winfield Keene, exited Evergreen Cemetery.   Source: Image from the Local History Room Image Collection IC7.   Continue Reading
  • 60 Main Street In this photo, a group of people (unidentified) appear to be enjoying the shade on a nice, sunny day.  One of the women is holding a small dog in her arms. They’re gathered in front of the Elbridge G. Windsor House at 60 Main Street, built around 1860.   Source: Image from the ... Continue Reading
  • Letter from a mother to her daughter on the day of her wedding   On January 1, 1857, Hannah Thomas Adams married Azel Washburn, a 27-year-old fisherman. Her mother, Hannah Thomas Brewster Adams, wrote her a note which reads: To Hannah on the day of her marriage Dear and only daughter in part Farewell! Ever since your birth you have been with me and an object ... Continue Reading
  • A carriage ride on the beach Who’s ready for a day at the beach? Maybe not like this, but the weather sure looks nice here!   Source: Image from the Local History Room Image Collection IC7. Continue Reading
  • Combating an Invasive Species: The Gypsy Moth Infestation   Today, we may see gypsy moths outside our homes or in our woodlands and think nothing of them, but this insect has a tumultuous history in the United States. In 1869, an amateur entomologist imported this species from Europe to his home in Medford, Massachusetts. He intended to use the moths to ... Continue Reading
  • Arbor Day Black and white photo. Two large blooming trees  Happy Arbor Day! Here are a couple snapshots of some lovely trees from the orchard behind “C. Drew’s house” on Summer Street. C. Drew either refers to Charles Drew or Christopher Prince Drew, co-founder of C. Drew and Company, both of whom lived on Summer Street.     Source: Images from the Emily ... Continue Reading
  • A Centennial, Military and Fancy Dress Party A flyer inviting people to attend a Centennial Military and Fancy Dress Party.  1876 marked the 100th anniversary of nationhood for the United States. On April 12th of that year, a “Centennial, Military and Fancy Dress Party” was held at Fuller’s Hall (which burned down in 1900) in support of the “Massachusetts Women’s Centennial Fund.” The invitation above was sent to Horatio Adams, ... Continue Reading
  • Childhood Hours by Cousin Benja Black and white photo. Photo of the bust of a man with curly hair and a beard  Benjamin Mitchell (1827-1865), who wrote as Cousin Benja, is featured in this month’s exhibit. He spent all of his life in Kingston and composed poetry and essays primarily about nature, God, and the spirit. The following poem is included in a collection of his works, Poems and Letters, compiled by his ... Continue Reading
  • Awards, Medals, and Certificates, Oh My!   Scattered across the collections of the Local History Room, we have a sampling of items that represent the achievements—both great and small—that marked the lives of Kingston’s residents. From volunteering with the Girl Scouts to Citizen of the Year, these objects commemorate just a few of the accomplishments of this ... Continue Reading
  • Seeing double Black and white photo of a dirt road with trees. A house and a church are on the left side of the road  In the Local History Room we have a number of stereoscopic photographs, known as stereographs or stereoviews. These prints feature two nearly identical images, side by side, typically mounted on a 3.5-by-7-inch card. When viewed through a stereoscope, they create the illusion of a single three-dimensional picture. They were popular ... Continue Reading
  • On this day in 1912… Black and white photo. Three women, a man, and a dog standing in front of a large firewood pile   Here’s a snapshot taken 106 years ago. On the back, this image is captioned: March 30, 1912 On James Rickards woodlot. Father Mother Annie Grace Lead According to census records for 1910, James C. Rickard owned a farm in Plymouth, where he lived with his wife, Lydia. The four people in this photo, however, remain unidentified. Any ideas?   Source: Image ... Continue Reading
  • World Water Day World Water DayMarch 22 is World Water Day, a day to focus attention on the importance of water. In honor of the occasion, take a look at this selection of images of some of our local bodies of water.     Jones River Silver Lake   Indian Pond   Russell’s Pond   Smelt Brook   Forge Pond   To learn more about Kingston’s rivers, ponds, and ... Continue Reading
  • Ye Kyng’s Towne Sweetes Ye Kyng’s Towne Sweetes  Around 1907, Carrie W. Hall and Sarah DeNormandie Bailey began a candy business called Ye Kyng’s Towne Sweetes, which they operated out of the house owned by the Hall family at 215 Main Street (below). Miss Hall managed the manufacturing, while Mrs. Bailey managed the sales. By 1910, they employed ... Continue Reading
  • Kingston High School girls’ basketball team, 1951 Kingston High School girls' basketball team, 1951Row 1 (sitting): Joecille Ayer, Sylvia Bailey, Judy Glass, Eva Villani (Co-captain), Mary Borghesani, (Co-captain), Shirley Marshall, Lilias Ford, Mary Lawrance Row 2: Rose Cazale (Co-manager), Barbara Bearce, Anne Corrow, Nancy Bearce, Barbara Basler, Elizabeth Zwicker, Ann McGrath, Adrienne Gorn (Co-manager), Mrs. Stratton (coach) Row 3: Margo White, Sally Farrington, Patricia Bailey, ... Continue Reading
  • Using Ancestry Using AncestryAncestry is one of the many digital resources available through our library. It allows you to search through many types of historical records, including census, military, immigration, and vital records, among others. This makes it a fantastic resource for genealogical research.     Take, for example, this panel card (above) featuring Mary Trow. ... Continue Reading
  • Emily Fuller Drew: Historian and Photographer Emily Fuller Drews models a Pilgrim costume, circa 1920  In honor of Women’s History Month, March’s local history exhibit will feature materials from Emily Fuller Drew (1881-1950), who we have to thank for much of what we know about Kingston’s history. She put in an enormous of amount of work to help preserve the history of this town. Leaving ... Continue Reading
  • A foul fowl? A foul fowl? Sometimes you come across an image that really makes you wish someone had written a caption. Here is one such photo. With Delano’s Wharf in the background, we know that the photo was taken on the edge of Kingston Bay. The man stooped over the water resembles Charlie Delano (1837 – ... Continue Reading