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  • “The Public Bedammed” "The Public Bedammed"Kingston, Mass. Oct. 29th, 1896. To the Selectmen – Kingston, Mass. Gentlemen: – Is it not about time that some attention was given to the operation of the Plymouth & Kingston Street Railway and better accomodations demanded for the use of more than half the main highway in the town?  The cars do not ... Continue Reading
  • Dog blog and dog exhibit! Dog blog and dog exhibit!The new exhibit is up, and to help celebrate the 4th Annual Library Pet Show, it’s all about the dogs of Kingston. See snapshots of Library staff members’ pooches! Marvel at the hounds and terriers of bygone days! Wonder at the family portrait with the dog front and ... Continue Reading
  • Dog blog: On the Kingston Bay Dog blog: On the Kingston BayIt was the good ship ‘Chesperus’ That sailed the wintry sea, And Chesper had taken Herbert W. Cobb To bear him company. Chester Fuller and dog aboard the ‘Chesperus,’ 1898 The poem above is written on the back of the photograph, and while it is a little cryptic (did Herbert W. Cobb take the picture ... Continue Reading
  • More on Memorial Day More on Memorial DayIn April 2009, Town Meeting approved spending from the Elizabeth B. Sampson Memorial Fund for a number of projects, including one specific to this holiday weekend.  Kingston’s Veterans Agent received $5,000 from the Sampson Fund for “memorial stones and flags at veteran’s graves in local cemeteries,” continuing local observance of ... Continue Reading
  • New exhibit: Memorial Day New exhibit: Memorial DayThis month’s exhibit highlights photographs, programs and other documents from Kingston’s Memorial Day celebrations. Originally called Decoration Day, the holiday originated during the Civil War and spread across the country by the end of the 19th century.  After the First World War, Memorial Day expanded to honor the memory of all ... Continue Reading
  • Dog blog: an experiment in scanning negatives Dog blog: an experiment in scanning negativesHere’s a quick look at one of the first negatives I’ve scanned in the Local History Room. This is Emily Drew’s photograph of Elm Street  at the Jones River.  The Pumping Station is just out of the frame to the right side. Elm Street Bridge, looking north, circa 1920 Meanwhile, somebody’s best ... Continue Reading
  • More Water for Kingston More Water for KingstonThe Pumping Station Kingston’s municipal water system was proposed at Town Meeting in 1884, legislated in 1885 under “An Act to Supply the Town of Kingston with Water,” and implemented in 1886.  The system officially began operations on August 10 that year.  While the actual water supply came from wells, Jones ... Continue Reading
  • Mayflowers Mayflowers“April showers bring Mayflowers,” especially lately with all the recent rain and particularly in Massachusetts, where these fragrant little blossoms are our state flower. Commonly called Mayflowers, trailing arbutus or less elegantly, the gravel plant, Epigaea repens can be found hiding under pine needles ... Continue Reading
  • Water for Kingston Water for KingstonOn April 12, 1886, workers broke ground for the construction of a reservoir as part of Kingston’s new municipal water system. Located just south of Russell Pond off Round Hill Road, the reservoir was used by the Water Department until 1996. Reservoir, circa 1923 In his paper “Problems of the Water Department” ... Continue Reading
  • Hoppy Easter! Hoppy Easter! Continue Reading
  • Greetings from Kingston, Mass. Greetings from Kingston, Mass.The exhibit for April in the Local History display case is a selection of early 20th century color postcards showing Kingston buildings and places. Stop by and take a look! Continue Reading
  • Crash! Crash! Conductor at trolley accident, 1910 Here are two views of a trolley accident in Kingston from sometime in 1910. The cars shown here belonged to the Plymouth & Brockton Street Railway Company, which was originally called the Plymouth & Kingston Street Railway.  For more information on the company, which still runs buses ... Continue Reading
  • The Town Landing The Town LandingLying at the foot of River Street, the Town Landing provides access for boaters to the Jones River, as well as a lovely place to sit and watch the water flow into Kingston Bay.  These two photos were taken by Ted Avery in April 1975. Forty years earlier, this was the ... Continue Reading
  • The “Short Reach” of the Jones River The "Short Reach" of the Jones River The “Short Reach” of the Jones River, 1920 Emily Fuller Drew took this photograph “expressly for the booklet” The Story of Jones River, which she and Sara Y. Bailey completed in 1920.  The original caption reads “Flat House Dock. The home of Joseph Bradford, youngest son of the Governor.  It is ... Continue Reading
  • George E. Cushman’s delivery wagon George E. Cushman's delivery wagon Even before the days of online ordering and overnight shipping, groceries and other necessities could appear at your door on demand, delivered perhaps by the horse-drawn wagons of Kingston merchant George E. Cushman. From 1864 when he began clerking in Azel Sampson’s dry goods store at 196 Main Street to ... Continue Reading
  • Vital Records Vital RecordsVital records are the most basic paperwork of human life, the tangible evidence of the three most important events: birth, death and marriage. In Massachusetts, these events have been registered at the local level since 1635 and formally collected by the state since 1841.  On display this month are a ... Continue Reading
  • “Proficiency in Typewriting” "Proficiency in Typewriting"Here is a recent acquisition, a fragment of the past that made its way into the Local History Room. This wallet-sized certificate attests to the speed and accuracy of the typwriting skills of one Esther De Marzio. Who was she, we ask? A 1927 Kingston High School graduate, Literary Editor and ... Continue Reading
  • Happy holidays! Happy holidays!From the Local History Room Two Valentines to light the gloom. Another with a cherry tree, From all of us to thee and thee! Source: The Joseph Finney Collection: Postcards Continue Reading
  • KINGSTONOPOLY! KINGSTONOPOLY!The Local History Exhibit for February starts with the game of Kingstonopoly, a customized version of the classic board game Monopoly done for the PTO of Kingston Elementary School in 2000.  Looking through the collections of the Local History Room, we find not only a pair of adorable wooden boxes ... Continue Reading
  • The Adams Block The Adams BlockThe original Adams Block consisted of avariety of buildings picked up here and there by Horatio Adams, moved onto Summer Street and joined together in a new kind of retail conglomeration. A novel idea in the 1840s, the business block was a bold experiment. The nature of the structure, however, ... Continue Reading