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Pique of the Week is a quick, fun way to dip into the collections as we put them online.  We want to share what piqued our curiosity this week, but we also want you to talk to us. Let us know what you think and what you want to see.
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  • Go vote! Go vote!With the presidential election upon us, we look back some decades to another. Here is the 1864 National Republican Ticket. Running for re-election against General George B. McClellan, a War Democrat known as “Little Mac,” on a platform that included the defeat of the Confederacy and a constitutional amendment to end ... Continue Reading
  • Ada Brewster’s Wild West Ada Brewster's Wild WestIf you missed the last exhibit in the Local History Room case, you can see it online. Ada Brewster’s Wild West shows a small selection of pencil sketches by one of Kingston’s notable artists. Continue Reading
  • Happy 100th Birthday to St. Joseph’s Happy 100th Birthday to St. Joseph'sOctober 19 marks the 100th anniversary of St. Joseph’s Parish in Kingston. This postcard shows the Church’s first building at 261 Main St. Mailed from Middleboro and postmarked 9/21/1906, the card was sent to Miss Nellie McGinn who lived in Brighton, MA.  Built in 1882, the building was originally a mission ... Continue Reading
  • The Railroad Bridge over Howland’s Lane The Railroad Bridge over Howland's LaneThe Railroad Bridge over Howland’s Lane Mr. Isaac Hedges, shown in this snapshot and identified on the back by Emily Drew, was one of the incorporators and later one of the directors of the Old Colony Railroad, as reported in the Nov. 7, 1919 issue of the Old Colony Memorial.  ... Continue Reading
  • New exhibit for October: Carved in Stone New exhibit for October: Carved in StoneCarved in Stone is a display of photographs of gravestones in Kingston’s Old Burying Ground and Evergreen Cemetery.  Stop by the Library and take a look. Continue Reading
  • South Shore Football Champions of 1933 South Shore Football Champions of 1933Football Champions This group portrait shows some of the 1933 South Shore Champion Football Team of Kingston High School on the football field at the Bailey Playground (note the goal post in the background). Twenty-eight  boys, out of a total student body of 131 in Grades 9-12, went out for football ... Continue Reading
  • Happy Helen Foster Day! Happy Helen Foster Day!Happy Helen Foster Day! September 24 marks the birthday of one of Kingston’s notables, Helen Foster.  Born in 1900, she studied art extensively and eventually became the first female commercial artist in Boston. She lent her talents to her hometown, designing the town seal and town quilt, collaborating on the town ... Continue Reading
  • Back to school Back to schoolBack to school The first day of school in 1909 found some Kingston children attending the newest school in town, the Maple Avenue School. It was a two room building, planned so that another room could be added if necessary, and it was the most modern and hygienic schoolhouse to be ... Continue Reading
  • More on Old Home Week More on Old Home WeekThe Massachusetts Legislature of 1902 passed an act to establish Old Home Week beginning on the last Sunday in July.  Events could be financed by an appropriation made by Town Meeting, and in 1903, Kingston voted $100 towards the celebration.  A committee was chosen and the week’s activities planned.  Guests ... Continue Reading
  • August 28, 1908 and 2008 August 28, 1908 and 2008August 28, 1908 and 2008 Two photos and a program — dated exactly one hundred years ago today — inaugurate the Pique of the Week, a blog by  the Local History Room volunteers and staff.  As we begin to put our Kingston photographs online, we will post things that stand out, ... Continue Reading