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Pique of the Week is a quick, fun way to dip into the collections as we put them online.  We want to share what piqued our curiosity this week, but we also want you to talk to us. Let us know what you think and what you want to see.

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  • Ted Avery’s Costume Shop Ted Avery standing in the doorway of his costume shopWhile going through a box of photographs, I came across this striking image of Ted Avery, holding a mask in front of his face just inside the doorway of his costume shop on Summer Street. With Halloween just around the corner, it was too fitting not to share!   Source: Image from ... Continue Reading
  • On this day in 1919… Welcome Home Parade, 1919October 18, 1919 was a known as “Welcome Home Day” in Kingston in honor of its servicemen and nurses returning from World War I. The “Welcome Home Committee” presented each with a bronze token of appreciation for service to the town and country, and sponsored festivities that included the parade ... Continue Reading
  • Kingston Gravestones & Their Carvers Rand Family Stones in the Old Burying Ground, around 1925 For the entire month of October, the lobby display case will feature a selection of photographs of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Kingston gravestones, but rather than focusing on those interred in the Old Burying Ground, this exhibit will examine the men who carved these markers. Stop by to check it out!   Source: ... Continue Reading
  • Kingston in Verse National Poetry Month Logo In celebration of National Poetry Month, this month’s local history exhibit features poems  inspired by Kingston’s environment, history, and community. Come check out selected works by Benjamin Mitchell (1827-1865), Thomas Drew Stetson (1827-1916), and Katherine L. Ward! Continue Reading
  • Hello to Autumn! Rally Day Postcard, 1915 Happy first day of fall! In celebration of the occasion, check out this postcard from around 1915. The message on the back reads: “We need you on Rally Day. Remember the date: October 29. Do not disappoint. Help us make this our best Rally Day. Cordially yours, Grace W. Cobb”. ... Continue Reading
  • Summer’s Last Hurrah Black and white photo. A family having a picnic in their yard As we enjoy the last week or so of summer, take a look at this fantastic image taken by Kingston historian and photographer, Emily Fuller Drew, showing the Bearse and Drew families enjoying a clambake. It was taken around 1925 and gets even more interesting the longer you look at ... Continue Reading
  • Vacation VacationThe Local History Room will be closed from July 21 through August 4. If you click on the photo to display a larger size, you may be able to make out what looks like the Bug Light on the horizon on the right side of the the photo (under the black dashed line).   Sources: ... Continue Reading
  • What’s in a name? There’s a spot in Kingston just west of Exit 9 on Route 3, elevation about 68 feet, which has been long known as Thomas’ Hill. In her 1933 description of Kingston place names, Emily Fuller Drew tells us ... Continue Reading
  • Tura’s Pharmacy Tura's PharmacyFrom the 1870s until last October, Kingston had a drugstore on Summer Street. Tura’s Pharmacy has a long history, and it’s on display in the Local History Room’s exhibit case this month. Stop by the Library and check it out. Continue Reading
  • Merry Christmas Merry ChristmasFrom the fabulous Finney postcards comes this touching glimpse of two mischievous vandals and their squirrel sidekick pranking Santa while he naps. For more Christmas goodness from the Local History Room , see here and here.   Source: Joseph Cushman Finney Papers MC11 For more, visit the Kingston Public Library, and the Local History Room, and ... Continue Reading
  • Laddie: A Christmas Story Laddie: A Christmas StoryJust for the holidays! Stop by the Library and see Laddie. This is Elspeth Hardy’s first grade class at the Faunce School (then called Center Primary) in 1915. In 1928, she would help another group of students write a book, as she explains in the preface. Continue Reading
  • Welcome Home from the War to End All Wars Welcome Home from the War to End All WarsFor more on Kingston’s Welcome Home parade, see this post.   Source: Emily Fuller Drew Collection MC16. Negatives scanned with LSTA funds through the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners and digitized at the Boston Public Library in conjunction with the Digital Commonwealth) For more, visit the Kingston Public Library, and the Local History Room, ... Continue Reading
  • Happy Halloween from 1952 Happy Halloween from 1952    Source: School Photographs IC5 For more, visit the Kingston Public Library, and the Local History Room, and the full blog at piqueoftheweek.wordpress.com Continue Reading
  • A lovely little launch A lovely little launchYes, the Local History Room is full of old stuff, but sometimes we get new old stuff, new to us anyway.  One of our recent accessions is a small trove of photographs, most not well identified, of boats built by George W. Shiverick in his shop on the Jones River. ... Continue Reading
  • Carved in Stone Carved in StoneKingston has grave stones that predate the town.  Photos of some of them are in the display case this month.     Source: Jones River Village Historical Society Lantern Slides IC4 For more, visit the Kingston Public Library, and the Local History Room, and the full blog at piqueoftheweek.wordpress.com Continue Reading
  • It’s National Library Card Sign-up Month It's National Library Card Sign-up MonthDo you have a library card? If not, please stop by the Library and get one, and take a look at this month’s Local History exhibit featuring some older library registers and cards. Source: Frederic C. Adams Library and  Kingston Public Library Collection MC22 For more, visit the Kingston Public Library, and the Local ... Continue Reading
  • Working on the boat Working on the boatAre they getting ready for a late summer cruise, or putting her away for the season? Source: Mary Hathaway Collection MC21 For more, visit the Kingston Public Library, and the Local History Room, and the full blog at piqueoftheweek.wordpress.com Continue Reading
  • August 22 was a Saturday in 1863 too August 22 was a Saturday in 1863 tooThe Local History Room recently received a trove of old ledgers from H. K. Keith & Co.  These hand-written record books track inventory in the general store, customer accounts and daily sales, like this apparently busy Saturday exactly 153 years ago today. It appears that the column between the item and ... Continue Reading
  • Two people, one house and a clerihew Two people, one house and a clerihewThis is the Reverend Augustus Russell Pope (1819-1855), minister of Kingston’s First Parish Church, or as it was then known, First Congregational Society, from 1844 to 1849.  The biographical piece linked above lauds Pope’s work in Kingston, particularly his work with the Town’s schools. This is Lucy Ann Meacham Pope (1820-1870), the Reverend’s wife, who was originally from ... Continue Reading
  • Photobombing is not a new thing Photobombing is not a new thingOne August in the middle of the 1930s, Emily Fuller Drew took some photos to document the Old Lucas House on Pembroke Street. Her file card for one of the lantern slides made from these negatives reads: William Cooke was son of Jacob Cooke Jr. mentioned in #38. He inherited & bought a ... Continue Reading