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Pique of the Week is a quick, fun way to dip into the collections as we put them online.  We want to share what piqued our curiosity this week, but we also want you to talk to us. Let us know what you think and what you want to see.

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  • Photobombing is not a new thing Photobombing is not a new thingOne August in the middle of the 1930s, Emily Fuller Drew took some photos to document the Old Lucas House on Pembroke Street. Her file card for one of the lantern slides made from these negatives reads: William Cooke was son of Jacob Cooke Jr. mentioned in #38. He inherited & bought a ... Continue Reading
  • Summertime SummertimeThere’s a new exhibit in the Local History case in the Library lobby.  Stop by to see photos of summers past in Kingston: ice cream, beaches, picnics and more.   Source: Mary Hathaway Collection MC21 For more, visit the Kingston Public Library, and the Local History Room, and the full blog at piqueoftheweek.wordpress.com Continue Reading
  • Here come the First Comers! Here come the First Comers!In 1920, the South Shore celebrated the 300th anniversary of the Mayflower’s arrival in a six-month frenzy of Pilgrim-related activities, including a sprawling outdoor pageant — more detail here — featuring Kingstonians like Emily Fuller Drew in full Pilgrim dress. In 2020, just five short years from now, the 400th anniversary will be upon ... Continue Reading
  • The devil is in the details The devil is in the detailsEmily Fuller Drew wrote an extensive caption on the back of a print of this image: 1925 Lyman Cushman’s barns and shed on Elm St. Taken from the now Harper barn. A freshet tore down thro the valley, the Winter Meadow Brook and the canal which took its place, washing out ... Continue Reading
  • Memorial Day Memorial DayDecoration Day, which we now know as Memorial Day, started in 1868.  Kingston’s first documented observance was 1879, with formal Town funding starting in 1881.  Stop by the Library to see photographs of Memorial Day parades dating back over a century. Source: Mary Hathaway Collection MC21 For more, visit the Kingston Public Library, ... Continue Reading
  • Rock bowl? Rock bowl?These two negatives have no accompanying information whatsoever, but the intriguing rock formation may be the result of the glaciers that covered the area about 23,000 years ago, and could well show one of the “punch bowls” Emily Fuller Drew wrote about in her 1933 notes on places around town. The Punch Bowls ... Continue Reading
  • Well, well, well, that’s the Point Well, well, well, that's the PointOne of the many lantern slides collected by Emily Fuller Drew for the Jones River Village Historical Society, this image shows the Point, where Summer Street peels away from Main Street. It was the center of Kingston before the railroad came through. The index card of Emily’s notes on this slide reads: 20. ... Continue Reading
  • New Old Business: Kingston Wants You! New Old Business: Kingston Wants You!There’s a lot of talk about Kingston’s business community these days, so here’s a look at efforts 50 years back to bring new business to town. Published in 1965 by the Industrial Development Commission, this colorful pamphlet lays out the advantages of mid-20th century Kingston: a strategic historic location, efficient town ... Continue Reading
  • Election returns Election returnsHere are the returns from 1820.  Kingston’s 2015 town election is this Saturday, April 25. Be sure to vote! Source: Town House Attic Collection MC27 6.13 For more, visit the Kingston Public Library, and the Local History Room, and the full blog at piqueoftheweek.wordpress.com. Continue Reading
  • Garage GarageThis is one of those with little information attached; we have only what’s depicted in the image.  It looks like it may have been taken between 1920, when the garage was built, and 1925, when the Fire Department moved the Surprise Hose Company in. The building at right was the second train ... Continue Reading
  • Warmer weather’s coming (soon, we hope!) Warmer weather's coming (soon, we hope!)Time to scrape the barnacles off the hulls, check the lines and gear, and get the fleet ready for the season! Source: Emily Fuller Drew Collection MC16   For more, visit the Kingston Public Library, and the Local History Room, and the full blog at piqueoftheweek.wordpress.com. Continue Reading
  • “This place will suit you.” Kingston’s first hotel, 1854-1970 “This place will suit you.” Kingston’s first hotel, 1854-1970We’ve got a new exhibit in the Library lobby. Stop by and take a look. The spot where the Kingston Public Library stands was once the site of Kingston’s first hotel, built in 1854, just nine years after the Old Colony Railroad first chugged through town. Former boarding house proprietor Josiah ... Continue Reading
  • The last Presidents Day (this December) The last Presidents Day (this December)Tomorrow, December 30, is the last Presidents Day here at the Library.  We’ve had our letters from Franklin Delano Roosevelt, John Quincy Adams and  Thomas Jefferson (who apparently didn’t have a middle name) on display for a few selected day this month, but this is the last time for a while. They’ll ... Continue Reading
  • File under: What the…? File under: What the...?  Okay, it’s a business pitch to the Board of Selectmen, but what exactly  is a lungmotor? Our friends at the Library of Congress can help!   If you need to know more about the Lungmotor (like I did), the Boston company put out a whole book on their product. Popular Science reported on ... Continue Reading
  • Evergreen Cemetery Pond Evergreen Cemetery Pond  84. Evergreen Cemetery Pond, 1876 Naturally a damp, spring spot. When cemetery was planned , the spot was drained and curbed as shown. Later the pines were cut down or broke down from winter ice, and the spot was landscaped. Mr. Edgar Reed gave the granite seat on the north ... Continue Reading
  • Saturday’s cemetery tour postponed Saturday's cemetery tour postponedThe tour of Evergreen Cemetery planned by the Jones River Village Historical Society for this Saturday, October 4, has been postponed. As a small consolation, here are few interesting tombstones, headstones, gravestones, or as the Thesaurus of Graphic Materials from the Library of Congress would have it, Tombs & sepulchral monuments from Kingston’s ... Continue Reading
  • Dam! Dam!The Elm Street dam may go the way of its upstream relative, the dam at Triphammer Falls just off Wapping Road, which was removed in 2011.  The question of dam removal is a complex one, made doubly so in Kingston and other New England towns by the age of many of the dams. To find ... Continue Reading
  • Happy Blog-a-versary, with bonus maps Happy Blog-a-versary, with bonus mapsThis blog started six years ago this  week with this post.  Thanks for reading! And it’s a great time to announce a new page Maps of Kingston on the Local History Room Online site, which (as the clever title suggests) has links to a nice bunch of maps of Kingston from 1795 ... Continue Reading
  • Super suave! Super suave!One of the most fun things about working in a local history collection is that sometimes people just show up with things to add to the collections.  This week, a former member of the Kingston Mother’s Club dropped off three scrapbooks of Club activities 1965 to 1978, full of membership directories, ... Continue Reading
  • Summertime, and vacation! Unidentified sailboat, no dateTwo summer-related announcements. First, the new exhibit in the LHR’s lobby display case featured selected images of Kingston summers gone by. Just as we do today, past Kingston residents and visitors enjoyed the warmth of the brief New England summers. Stop by and have a look! Second, the Local History Room will ... Continue Reading