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Pique of the Week is a quick, fun way to dip into the collections as we put them online.  We want to share what piqued our curiosity this week, but we also want you to talk to us. Let us know what you think and what you want to see.

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  • Twin lights at the Gurnet Twin lights at the GurnetThough not in town, the lighthouse at the Gurnet — formally known as the Plymouth Light Station — is familiar to many Kingstonians. The Massachusetts legislature authorized the first lighthouse on the Gurnet in 1768;  it burned to the ground in 1801.  The federal government replaced the original with a pair of towers, which served ... Continue Reading
  • Read more books! Read more books!Get more gold stars! Source: PC12 Schools Collection, Acc. 2014-2   For more, visit the Kingston Public Library, and the Local History Room, and the full blog at  piqueoftheweek.wordpress.com. Continue Reading
  • Clang, clang, clang went the trolley Clang, clang, clang went the trolleyFrom 1889 to 1928, trolleys ran through Kingston, every half hour or so, reaching Brockton to the west and Manomet to the east.  The line was run by three companies in succession: the Plymouth & Kingston, the Brockton & Plymouth, and the Plymouth & Brockton (and if that last one ... Continue Reading
  • Happy Thanksgiving dance! Happy Thanksgiving dance!As a descendant of First Comers and an indefatigable researcher of their occupations, genealogies, land swaps and lawsuits, Emily Fuller Drew was perhaps more entitled than most to dress up like a Pilgrim.  It certainly seems to have suited her. More Thanksgiving posts here and here and here and here! For more, visit ... Continue Reading
  • Are you ready for some football…history? Are you ready for some football...history?This month, the Local History exhibit case at the Kingston Public Library features a few football artifacts loaned to us by the Silver Lake Regional High School Library.   Recently Coach John Montosi, who led the Lakers football team from 1960 to 1980, donated six scrapbooks to the school.  These ... Continue Reading
  • School Days School DaysRing ring goes the bell The cook in the lunchroom ready to sell Chuck Berry — “School Days” For September’s lobby case exhibit, the Local History Room presents highlights from a great collection of photographs of Kingston Elementary School dating from 1952 to 1966.  These class portraits and candid shots were collected by ... Continue Reading
  • Roads… Roads...Here are a few from Emily Drew for you. For more, visit the Kingston Public Library, and the Local History Room, and the full blog piqueoftheweek.wordpress.com. Continue Reading
  • Go Fourth and Parade! Go Fourth and Parade!In 1910, the first of many Fourth of July parades rolled in Kingston. In honor of this most American holiday, here are a few views of one of our favorite floats from the inaugural year: the “Guardians of the Clam Flats.”   Source: LHR General Images IC7 (top two); Hathaway Collection MC21 And now, ... Continue Reading
  • LHR closed for vacation LHR closed for vacationAhh, the thrill of vacation adventuring! While not going so far or daring so much this intrepid pair, LHR staff will be away next week (June 24 to 28). See you in July!   Source: Stereoview Collection IC9 [a wonderful collection puchased by the Frederic C. Adams Library in the early 20th century, so Kingstonians ... Continue Reading
  • Iconic Buildings of Kingston Iconic Buildings of KingstonAs part of the celebrations for Kingston’s 275th anniversary in 2001, the Friends of the 275th commissioned a set of blocks depicting eight iconic Kingston buildings: the old Town House, the Center Primary school (now called the Faunce School), the Pumping Station, the passenger station (now the restaurant Solstice), the First ... Continue Reading
  • Hot enough yet? Hot enough yet?Now that the summer weather has arrived, do you miss the snow? The glass plate negative above shows Main Street looking north to Linden Street, while the one below shows the opposite view south on Main near the intersection with Brook Street. Keep cool! Continue Reading
  • The eagle has landed. The eagle has landed.Around 1946, the Town’s Honor Roll, which listed those Kingston residents who served in World War II, got an eagle. It was carved by Captain Fred Bailey, who fashioned at least two. When the Honor Roll was taken down — it was replaced by the monument where Main Street crosses Route ... Continue Reading
  • The Boys of Summer Start in the Springtime The Boys of Summer Start in the SpringtimeStop by the Library this month to see photographs of baseball players in and around Kingston from 1897 to 1961. Source: The Albion Holmes Collection, MC 25 For more, visit the Kingston Public Library, and the Local History Room, and the full blog piqueoftheweek.wordpress.com Continue Reading
  • “Garden Family” "Garden Family"Despite the chill, spring has sprung so get ready to garden. Here are few inspirational but undated views by Emily Fuller Drew of her “Garden family.” Source: Emily Fuller Drew Collection MC16 For more, visit the Kingston Public Library, and the Local History Room, and the full blog piqueoftheweek.wordpress.com Continue Reading
  • A timely favorite A timely favoriteOne of the things I love about this blog is the list of search terms that people use to get here.  It’s like a secret glimpse of what they want, and the sometimes very specific and other times wildly divergent ways they describe whatever that is.  The top searches are ... Continue Reading
  • Our “Odd” Neighbor Our "Odd" NeighborIf you’ve ever wondered why the building at 7 Green Street, right across from the Library, has a sign on the front that reads “Adams Lodge, IOOF, 1900” stop by and have a look at this month’s exhibit.     Continue Reading
  • View from Delano’s Wharf View from Delano's WharfDelano’s Wharf is one of Kingston’s iconic buildings, jutting into Kingston Bay from the end of Wharf Lane, near Gray’s Beach. In a small twist of perspective, here’s a tranquil view from the Wharf.     Source: Delano Photograph Collection IC11 For more, visit the Kingston Public Library here, and the Local History Room here, and ... Continue Reading
  • Somber Little Valentine Somber Little Valentine  From Emily Drew’s photos of the Old Burying Ground, here’s the marker for Charles Little, son to Charles and Sarah Little who passed away, aged 4 month and 5 days, on February 14, 1717. Source: Emily Fuller Drew Collection MC16. Negative scanned by the Boston Public Library, under a grant from the LSTA ... Continue Reading
  • Digging out Digging outThe trolley ran through Kingston from 1889 to 1928, and while the traffic definitely increased in the summer, the cars ran all winter too. In 1922, when the Brockton & Plymouth (successor to the Plymouth & Kingston and predecessor to the Plymouth & Brockton) owned the line, the rolling stock ... Continue Reading
  • “This view is beautiful” "This view is beautiful"Putting together an exhibit for Valentine’s Day, I found this postcard. Cataloging it for our online picture collection (coming soon!), I found this subject heading in the LOC’s TGM: “Courtship. Use for Courting, Flirtation, Wooing.” Yes, I think that just does capture it. Source: MC11 Joseph Cushman Finney Papers Continue Reading