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  • Still water Still water      Continue Reading
  • Happy Birthday to the Reed Community Building! Happy Birthday to the Reed Community Building!Many thanks to Joe Colby, Head Custodian at the Recreation Department, for letting us know that today is the birthday of the Reed Community Building!  The photograph above appeared in The Civic Progress of Kingston (Memorial Press of Plymouth, 1926) and was accompanied by Sarah DeNormandie Bailey’s text: And this summer the ... Continue Reading
  • Some days are like that. Some days are like that.Benjamin Delano (March 31, 1778 – January 19, 1868), having a moment. Continue Reading
  • Happy Thanksgiving from the Viking horde Happy Thanksgiving from the Viking hordeStaged to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the Pilgrim’s landing, the 1921  Pageant of the Pilgrim Spirit was a sprawling, epic production.  Among its stranger elements — ranking alongside William Bradford’s premonition of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, and the Prologue and Finale spoken by  “The Voice of the Rock” — has ... Continue Reading
  • Playing Pilgrim Playing PilgrimThis month’s exhibit showcases people from Kingston dressing up like their Pilgrim predecessors.  In 1920, the spectacle known as the Tercentenary Pageant featured a number of Kingstonians, new immigrants and Mayflower descendants alike, among its 1,300 actors.  In the 1940s and 1950s, the Major John Bradford House served as the ... Continue Reading
  • “The restoration is complete.” "The restoration is complete."On Saturday, November 3, the Adams Building will be open to the public from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. with a dedication ceremony at 2:00. Continue Reading
  • Fish story Fish story  Once again, history anonymizes. I don’t know who they were or where they were (or, for that matter, whether they took turns posing with the same fish!), but their pride and satisfaction in the day’s “work” remains clear.   Continue Reading
  • Lonesome train on a lonesome track Lonesome train on a lonesome trackWithout a date, it’s hard to know if this train belonged to the Old Colony Rail Road, or the Old Colony and Fall River, or the Old Colony and Newport (you can imagine that Fall River was a little peeved when that happened), or the New York, New Haven and ... Continue Reading
  • Coming soon to a street near you. Coming soon to a street near you.Now that fall has arrived, the snow cannot be far behind.       Continue Reading
  • Historic places Historic places  This September. Wikimedia, the home of Wikipedia and so much more, is hosting a photography contest called Wiki Loves Monuments, featuring photographs of properties on the National Register of Historic Places. Kingston has two buildings on the National Register of Historic Places: the Frederic C. Adams Library and the Major John Bradford ... Continue Reading
  • New Exhibit: Old Home Day (and New Old Home Day!) New Exhibit: Old Home Day (and New Old Home Day!)Old Home Day is a small town New England tradition popular from the 1860s into the 1930s, and later in many cases.  In Kingston, the town-wide event, which included clambakes, sports, dancing, singing and parades, was held annually from 1903 to 1908, again from 1933 to 1938, in the 1970s ... Continue Reading
  • Summer vacation Summer vacationThe Local History Room is closed for summer vacation.  See you in August! Continue Reading
  • Fun with photos, and SCANDAL! Fun with photos, and SCANDAL!Working on a box of photographs recently, I pulled this out of an acid-free envelope. Sometimes a photograph just catches your eye, and the sharp detail and rough textures of this doorway got mine, but the description “Unidentified man in doorway” left the subject of this portrait an orphan of history. Some ... Continue Reading
  • New Exhibit: A few of my favorite things New Exhibit: A few of my favorite thingsInstead of the photographs and documents usually on display in the Local History exhibit case, this month we’ve got a bunch of things, or more formally, artifacts, relics, realia. What kind of things are these, you might ask?  If Julie Andrews were here, she’d sing it like this… A box full of ... Continue Reading
  • A post about a post A post about a postFrom Emily Fuller Drew’s card file: In early days, all public meetings both religion and secular were held in the old meeting house and all notices of meetings were posted on the front of the meeting house for parish and town were one. After the formation of separate religious bodies and ... Continue Reading
  • The Octagon House The Octagon HouseAs Emily Drew tells us in the card file she created to describe the lantern slides she used to illustrate lectures on Kingston history East side South Street, near Wapping Rd. Built by Josiah Cook in when there was a fashion for six- and eight-sided or round houses and barns. ... Continue Reading
  • New Exhibit: “Historical relics” New Exhibit: "Historical relics"Beginning in 1912, the U.S. Treasury decided to get rid of all of the Confederate currency that had been hanging around for 50 years or so. They didn’t just shred it: they sent sample sets to libraries, museums and other collecting institutions. As Franklin MacVeagh, Secretary of the Treasury (and creator ... Continue Reading
  • “Motors of such power and design” "Motors of such power and design"Special Town Meeting At a special Town Meeting held May 28, 1906, the following votes were passed: Voted that the committee chosen by the Town to settle with the City of Brockton* be authorized to purchase for the town an electric motor or motors of such power and design as in their ... Continue Reading
  • For National Poetry Month: “A-sailing Down Jones River” For National Poetry Month: "A-sailing Down Jones River"A-sailing Down Jones River Do you recall one night in June, When sailing down Jones River, We listened to the Bullfrog’s tune And watched the moonbeams quiver? I oft since then have watched the moon But never, love, ah never, never, Can I forget that night in June While sailing down Jones River. Can I forget that night in ... Continue Reading
  • New Exhibit: “On my honor, I will try…” New Exhibit: "On my honor, I will try..."  March 12 marks the 100 year anniversary of the first meeting of the Girl Scouts and to help the local troops celebrate, the Local History Room’s monthly exhibit shows a number of 1940s and 1960s Girl Scout artifacts, including badge sashes, pen knives and a collapsible camping cup.  Stop by ... Continue Reading