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Pique of the Week is a quick, fun way to dip into the collections as we put them online.  We want to share what piqued our curiosity this week, but we also want you to talk to us. Let us know what you think and what you want to see.
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  • Landscape Landscape  There are a number of similar views in the Local History Room collections, captured by the anonymous eye of an unknown photographer, but this one stood out today.  The sweep of the land, the curves of the river, the angle of railroad bridge, the scattered buildings at the waterside and ... Continue Reading
  • Happy Valentines Day Happy Valentines Day“To Russell from Wilfred” Source: Loring Postcard Collection Continue Reading
  • Dog blog Dog blogI don’t know who he was or where he lived, but I believe that he loved his little dog friend. A boy and his dog, no date A boy and his dog, no date A boy and his dog, no date Source: Loring Photograph collection. Continue Reading
  • For what it’s worth For what it's worthIn 1924, the Kingston Highway Department did a good deal of work on the roads — particularly West Street, Pembroke Street, and Maple Street — and a new “highway beacon” was installed. While discussions of municipal spending on roadways dates back to the earliest town meetings, automobile traffic — that “modern ... Continue Reading
  • New exhibit: Hooked! New exhibit: Hooked!This month’s exhibit features a dozen or so hooks made by C. Drew and Company of Kingston.  Stop by and take a look. Continue Reading
  • Happy holidays! Happy holidays!  Continue Reading
  • A friend at sea A friend at seaThe schooner Cordova, 93 tons, 69′ in length with a beam of 18 ‘ and a draft of 8’, was built in Kingston in 1835 by Lysander Bartlett for Benjamin Delano.  Described by Henry Jones in Ships of Kingston as a full-bowed vessel, with masts raked well aft, bowsprits steeved very ... Continue Reading
  • New exhibit: Laddie, A Christmas Story New exhibit: Laddie, A Christmas StoryIn 1928, the first and second graders in one of the Kingston schools wrote a short book about Laddie, the dog who saved Christmas. As Elspeth Hardy, their teacher and editor,  wrote in the preface, “The children worked collectively; one child started with an opening sentence, the others took the ... Continue Reading
  • Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Thanksgiving!  And for more Thanksgiving goodness, see here and there! Continue Reading
  • New Exhibit: The Margaret Warnsman Collection New Exhibit: The Margaret Warnsman CollectionTo mark the passing of Margaret Warnsman, a former Library Trustee and Local History Room donor, this month’s exhibit features a small selection from the papers, photographs and other materials Margaret collected and gave to the Town of Kingston, in care of the Library. One of my favorite things is finding ... Continue Reading
  • Trick or treat! Trick or treat!If you need any ideas for your Halloween festivities, here are the costume winners from a few decades back. Continue Reading
  • New Exhibit: The Elm Street Bridge New Exhibit: The Elm Street BridgeSometime before 1920, Emily Drew photographed the wooden dam at Elm Street before it was replaced by a concrete structure.  She also captured the old iron bridge constructed in 1889 to carry Elm Street over the Jones River.  Stop by the library to learn more about the bridge.   Continue Reading
  • Only the finest imports… Only the finest imports...  “Drugs, Chemicals, European Leeches, and Cigars.” Continue Reading
  • Picnic on the lawn Picnic on the lawnBack when the Library was on the other side of the street, the Kingston Inn occupied our current site at the corner of Green and Summer.  Originally called the Patuxet House, the hotel was built in 1854 by Josiah Cushman to capitalize on the arrival of the Old Colony Railroad ... Continue Reading
  • Travelling in stereo Travelling in stereoSometime early in the last century, someone at the Frederic C. Adams Public Library bought just over 600 stereoviews.  The views date from 1893 to 1907 and show a wide variety of places around the United States and the world, with commentary from Baedecker’s and other travel guides on the ... Continue Reading
  • Motormen MotormenIn the search for photographs for the summertime exhibit, these three images turned up.  As seen in earlier posts, the Plymouth & Kingston trolley, which started in 1886, merged with other lines and expanded until the tracks reached Brockton in 1900.   The emergence of Kingston as a summer destination and ... Continue Reading
  • New Exhibit: Summertime New Exhibit: SummertimeThis month’s exhibit celebrates summer in Kingston with picnics and parades, fresh sweet corn from the farmer’s market, swimming, fishing, and just lounging on the grass eating ice cream. Here’s the front of a float in Kingston’s 200th Anniversary Parade, which rolled on August 20, 1926.  The four boys behind the ... Continue Reading
  • Vacation! Vacation!The Local History Room is closed through August 1. Continue Reading
  • 113 years ago 113 years agoThe Frederic C. Adams Library was dedicated. There was speechifying, praying, poetry and hymns. Thanks to Frederic C. Adams, Kingston got a library. Continue Reading
  • Lets go to the beach Lets go to the beachWhy is this cabinet card of two lovely gals on the shore of Lake Michigan here in the Kingston Public Library? Who knows? Continue Reading