Kingston Public Library Foundation

public-lib-foundationThe Kingston Public Library Foundation is a private, non-profit fundraising organization (501(c)-3) working in partnership with the Kingston Public Library to support, supplement and strengthen programs and technology that are not funded by the Town of Kingston.
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What the Foundation does

The mission of the Kingston Public Library Foundation is to financially support the goals and mission of the Kingston Public Library, primarily through fundraising and grant seeking.

Capital Campaign

The Foundation is conducting a Capital Campaign to support the effort to build a new library for Kingston. If you would like to contribute to this effort, please email for information, or get in touch with Library Director Sia Stewart at 781-585-0517 x6286 or

What the Foundation has done

  • Bridged the gap in local funding to enable KPL to maintain state certification
  • Provided funds for books and other materials and resources
  • Raised awareness about the need for public library funding
  • Hosted concerts and other fun public events