What’s Next for the Kingston Public Library

At the June 26th Town Meeting, residents voted to appropriate funds to create a plan for protecting and updating the library building.

A working group has been formed to oversee this project, and we’re excited to get to work. We’ll keep you updated on this page, through our newsletter, and through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Read on for an outline of what the project will do.

As you know, last December Kingston voters decided not to build a new library. In the months since then, library trustees and staff have held many discussions with town officials and residents about how to make the best, most efficient use of the building we have, and solve ongoing issues with an aging building designed for a smaller town and an earlier era.

We listened to the voters, we are considering all the suggestions that people have made — including some very creative ideas from our talented town officials and residents — and we’re ready to move forward.

To do that, we will need the help of an architect and engineers to turn those great ideas into a detailed, workable plan for the building. One of the articles on the June 26th Town Meeting warrant is a request for funds to create plans, drawings, and cost estimates — a practical plan to protect and update this aging municipal building, built in 1971 and remodeled as a library in 1994, and create a modern library Kingston can be proud of.

The History

On December 5, 2017, Kingston voters turned down a $6.9 million grant to build a new library. Since the grant was contingent upon a yes vote at the polls, that grant is no longer available to the Town for any purpose. The funds will instead go to build a library in another Massachusetts community.


Thank You

We’re sorry that the proposal that was the result of years of work by several town committees and many volunteers will not be going forward, and we would like to thank the many residents who supported the project.


Moving Forward

Now our focus will be on what comes next. We still have the space problems that were the driving force behind the project. There are also significant repairs that the Town will need to address. We will be taking some time now to think about how to provide library services within the inadequate building we have, as well as what possible solutions residents may support. We welcome your suggestions as we go through this process. You can get in touch with us at kilib@kingstonpubliclibrary.org.