The Indian Pond district covered the families in the south part of the Town, and the schoolhouse stood at the fork of Elm and South Streets (the old Plympton and Winnatuxet Roads, respectively). It was removed, some years ago, when conditions had changed, and was set up on West Street, not far from the Plympton railroad station. The children from the Indian Pond district were thereafter brought down to the Center Primary school, by carriage. George Churchill drove the school wagon for years, and became a sort of landmark for that reason. He is remembered with his covered wagon, like a store delivery wagon, through the curtains of which popped out, here and there small heads, to be more or less promptly withdrawn when Mr. Churchill yelled at them. Mr. Churchill was a rather fat, stodgy-looking man who sat quite comfortably in the driver's seat, and he was jokingly likened to "the old woman who lived in a shoe" as they drove through town, morning and late afternoon.

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