Rocky Nook as a place name was originally only the section where the summer colony was, called "the rocky nook" to distinguish it from the many other nooks of farmland which are found throughout the Old Colony. The schoolhouses have stood south of Smelt Brook, but the district was enlarged to include all children of the Great Bridge over Jones River.

The word "nook" was used to indicate a piece of land sheltered and somewhat enclosed by forest, hills, or rocky eminences and other natural boundaries. The Captain's Nook between the Captain's Hill and Duxbury Bay, is an example, as is also our own Nook and Rocky Nook in present Kingston territory. Marshes at the mouth of the Jones River, on either side are low hills in which a considerable amount of stone and boulder may be found. Along the shore of the bay numerous ledged jut out into the water. Although rocky conditions prevail both sides of the river, and although sheltered meadow and farm land are found equally on both sides, we find "The Nook" more generally applied to the land north and west of the river, now Ahdenah and Bay Farm, and "Rocky Nook" applied to the lands east and south, the part now covered by the summer colonies with perhaps a portion of the Point o' the Nook, the salt marsh, and Delano lands.

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