The Fountain Head Brook, a tributary of the Jones River, runs through the valley back of the house where Mr. Charles Gifford (John Solomon) formerly lived. The Fountain Head is a large spring up on the ridge beyond the valley and was the source of the water supply for the first aqueduct system Kingston ever had. Some time previous to 1800, a company was formed to provide a water system furnishing a steady supply of good water for household purposed. Up to that time, water for such purposes was taken from streams, springs and dug wells, supplemented by cisterns for rain-water, and the results were unsatisfactory and often inadequate. By a gravity system, water from the Fountain Head was led down into the village to cisterns in the cellars of the subscribers. The pipes were of hollowed logs, fastened together and strengthened by iron rings forced on and used as couplings. After some time an epidemic, like typhoid fever, broke out in town, the system was suspected and condemned, and a new system substituted.

The Fountain Head brook flows through the valley back of the former Gifford farm and provides flowage and drainage for the cranberry bog which used to be a part of the farm and which lies back of Miss Emma Mange's house. A little distance from the Wapping Road, behind Welsh's filling station, it is joined by the outlet from Causaton's Pond. After it leaves the highway, it flows through the bed of the old Carding Mill pond, and soons joins the river, a little way above the old Willett House.

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