Gray's Brook is located in the southeast part of town, near the Rocky Nook Wharf. This Brook does not flow into the Jones River, but directly into the Kingston Bay. This small stream has suffered many changes of direction; from the railroad tracks to the bay, through the swamp, it has probably followed very closely its original course, but above the tracks, it has been changed more than once. Its source is in a meadow behind the old James Pierce house off North Crescent Street, and it formerly ran through the land where the Dutchland Farm stand is now, only drainage ditches indicating where the brook originally flowed. The course was changed so that houses about to be erected in the vicinity need not have wet cellars.

It now flows behind Mr. Arthur Pierce's under the highway, near Basler's Lane, under a small house formerly owned by a Basler, back of the Howland's Lane schoolhouse, to the railroad track, then by the railroad ditch toward Plymouth until it falls in with the drainage ditches which run through Spirit Pasture, the land the real (original) brook drained and so into the Bay. This Brook was named for the Gray family through whose land it ran and on or near whose north bank stood Edward Gray's warehouse in the earliest days of the colony.

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