The story of the naming of the Jones River comes to us from Duxbury, that it was named by or for the Captain of the Mayflower. For a long timer, Captain Jones was believed to have been the only man of the names associated with the early history of the colony, but recent research reveals on Christopher Jones who was of the Mayflower group, and who is believed to have been super-cargo or some such official, and who was of higher character and more congenial to the Pilgrims than the master of the ship. However that may be Jones River as a place-name dates back to the very beginnings of our local history.

As the River flows, in a generally easterly direction almost the entire width of the town, it is enlarged by other streams flowing into it. On the south, we find: Wesectucket Brook, now commonly called Jones River Brook or Barrow's Brook; the little Spring Brook in the upper Wapping neighborhood; the Fountain Head Brook; Trout or Furnace, sometimes called Soule's Brook; the First, Second and Third Brooks, which flow into the river between Elm Street and the Main Street bridge; Cushman's Creek, and Smelt Brook. On the north, we find Pine Brook whose tributary is beaver Dam or Howard's Brook on which stood the old John Hall sawmill; and the Blackwater system, which includes Hall's Brook which unites with Bassett's to make a second Beaver Dam Brook. Sampson's and Mile Brooks all of which run into Blackwater Pond, and the outlet of the pond, Blackwater or Stony Brook, into which flows the Tussock brook a little below the Drews' works, just before the brook joins Jones River at the Landing.

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