The source of Jones River is nominally Silver Lake, originally called Jones River Pond. Since the City of Brockton acquired the lake as a water supply, very little water flows into the valley of Jones River except in times when the water is high, and the overflow is coming over the dam at Forge Pond. The name was changed from Jones River Pond some seventy-five or more years ago (approximately late 1850s), when a company was formed to cut and sell ice made on the pond. They reasoned that the ice advertised as coming from Jones River Pond would not sound so attractive as from some other source, so they changed the name to Silver Lake. The company existed only a short time, but the name of Silver Lake remains.

Only a part of Silver Lake is in Kingston, but it was in our portion of the lake that the mine of iron ore was discovered, which replaced the bog ore previously dug out of the swamps and used in our local smelters and foundries. Forge Pond and Silver Lake are one body when the water is high, but practically separate most of the time since Brockton took over the lake.

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