One of the brooks which flow into Jones River was called in early days Wesectucket Brook. It is associated with Barrow's or Bryant's Brook, now often called Jones River Brook, which has its rise in the Jones River meadows in Plympton, east of the Ring Road,crosses the Bridgewater Road at Harrub's Corner, and empties into Jones River in the western part of town, nearly opposite the mouth of Pine Brook. Wesectucket means "the little wading place" or ford, and was it is believed the point where the old path to Saughtuckquett (Satucket) now Bridgewater, crossed or forded the brook. I place that :little wading place" at approximately where West Street crosses Jones River Brook, and only a short distance west of where Mr. Luke White's house formerly stood. An old fording place is still distinct. The name appears in deeds concerning the Bryant and Everson families who owned most of the land in that part of Kingston.

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