February Gallery and Display Case Exhibit – The Art of the Book by Judith Campbell

This February, our gallery features small handmade books created by Judith Campbell. This exhibit is a display of unique Fine Art books that are both art and fine craft. The display case features the tools and materials to create these small handmade books.

Judith makes these books with and without words. “The books that you make without words are the books that invite you to find the words for the story that you would like to tell.

Rev. Dr. ‘Judy’ Campbell is an ordained Unitarian Universalist Community based Minister and author of several books and articles. In addition to the Olympia Brown mysteries, she has published children’s stories, poetry, and essays on the arts and religion, and on spirituality and creativity. She holds a PhD in the Arts and Religious Studies and a Master of Fine arts. She has presented quilting and writing workshops nationally and internationally. She lives and writes in Plymouth, Massachusetts.