November Gallery Exhibit – Apple Pencil Drawing and Zen Doodle Exhibit

This November, our gallery features  the  ‘Digital Art:Apple Pencil Drawing and Zen Doodle.’  In this exhibit, there are a series of examples of the work done by students and instructors in two of your library’s course offerings this year.

Drawing with the Apple Pencil has trained over 70 library patrons ranging in age from 8 to 86. It uses iPads and Apple Pencils. For many students this was their first exposure to “Digital Art”.

The participants in these courses have produced some impressive artwork –  especially from ‘students’ claiming to have no drawing skills. Virtually everyone feels happy about the learning and claims to have had fun as well.

Zen Doodle is a low stress technique for creating, what appears to be, complex designs from an array of simple patterns. This is a wonderful technique  for all those who have always wanted to dabble in art, but felt they had no talent. This offers a simple approach to art and an opportunity for each individual to tap into their creative nature. The artwork can be created using either paper and pen or an iPad with an iPad pencil and the Procreate app.