January Gallery Exhibit – Senior Self Portraits, Stand Ups, and Endangered Animals and Exhibition by Silver Lake High School Art Students

This January, we feature the artwork of the students of art teacher Rachel Maguire at Silver Lake Regional High School. This exhibit is on display in the gallery, the display case and on the flat panels.  This is a bright and unique exhibit of paintings and stand-ups that have been created by these talented students.

A word from Ms. Rachel Maguire, Art Teacher, Silver Lake Regional High School

This show features artwork from our high school students in the Studio Art 2 and Art Major classes at Silver Lake Regional High School. Studio Art 2  and Art Major are full-year elective classes for our serious art students in our four year art track.

“I am so proud of these students!  Please enjoy all their lovely artwork. They are dedicated group of students and have produced beautiful projects this year.”

Our Art Major and Studio Art 2 classes both created the 3-D stand-ups you see around the library. Our students made these whimsical and colorful stand-ups earlier this to brighten up our school library. We are so happy to share them with  a larger audience. Students created these with foam core, cardboard, and acrylic paint.

Seniors in Art Major created senior self-portraits this semester.  These paintings are very insightful and meaningful. The senior class not only had to stretch their own canvases, but also were tasked with digging into their fears and dreams to paint their inner selves.  These  acrylic paintings are little windows into the souls of our senior class.

Studio Art 2 has painted their favorite endangered animals to raise awareness. Information is available at Endangered.org about the Endangered Species Coalition (ESC) and ways everyone can help. Our chance to save the animals is right now! From the polar bears to the Florida panthers, they need our help. Endangered Species Day is coming up on May 15.