February Gallery Exhibit – Christine Ward – Love the Little Things

This February, our gallery features the artwork of Kingston resident Christine Ward. In this exhibit, ‘Love the Little Things’, her love of the magic of watercolor is evident in the pieces that are on display in both the gallery and the display case in the reading area of the library.

Love the Little Things is Christine Wards best description of her art. She feels her art is an expression of movement, texture, color and composition in a magnified view. The view of her world began in the early ’80’s while she engaged in daily sketching for her high school art class. Her teacher her and her classmates to really examine the world from every angle and any distance. She also spent countless hours studying color and texture through collage and painting provided her with a solid understanding of the magic of mixing and applying color. She prefers her work to be controlled and precise. To accomplish this she begins with very literal pen and ink drawings on Arches Watercolor papers. She often uses traditional ink  with calligraphy pens, but also has recently begun using Permanent Faber Castell pens. “The pens make it easier for portability” she says. She is a soccer mom and has spent a lot of time in recent years traveling to soccer fields over the East Coast. She often brings her watercolor blocks with her and creates on the road!  She finds this to be a good way to remember her trips. For example, “Flow” was drawn while she sat in her car under a bridge on Randalls Island in New York City in the pouring rain while her daughter attended a five-hour soccer clinic.

Color is what really brings her pieces to life. Christine applies watercolor paint carefully in layers creating a stunning result. She often adds additional pen work as she progresses through her pieces to create the right balance for the eye. Each piece is unique and an evolution from the last. She has created elements she repeats in some of her work, each time creating a completely different perspective.

Christine has resided in Kingston for 24 years with her husband Bob raising two daughters, Katheryn and Julia. She has been creating her art as far back as she can remember. Artistic genes definitely run in her family. Her grandmother was an exceptional portrait artist. Additionally, her mom, daughters, cousins and niece have had lots of success with their art and photography. Although watercolor is her constant medium, Christine has also worked with acrylic paints, clay, beads, photography and paper. She served on the National Design Committee for Creative Memories and taught dozens of adults and children about scrapbooking and photo preservation in the early 2000’s. Locally, she taught beading and card making classes for several organizations. She volunteered as a set designer for the Silver Lake Middle School  from 2010-2013 during which she painted dozens of colorful eye-catching sets and props.  Additionally, she voluntarily created the recently updated logos for the Kingston Youth Sports Organization,  the Kingston Council on Aging and the newly opened Boneyard.

With a large collection of her art filling a shelf in her home she thought it was time to share it with the world. Soon to be an empty nester she is looking to explore new purpose in her art.  She has created an Instagram account (lovethelittlethingsbyme), set up a Redbubble Shop (justmeart) and is now displaying here, at the Kingston Public Library.