March Gallery Exhibit – Patricia Lindros-Kruskall ‘Times of My Life

This March, the Kingston Public Library features the artwork of Patricia Lindros-Kruskall. In this exhibit, ‘Times of My Life’, there will be some surprises in store for the viewer. Among the clocks in the painting, ‘Time Forgotten Clock’, there is a real working clock. While most of the paintings in this exhibit are done in oil, Patricia is always curious and loves to try new techniques and new mediums.  Included in this exhibit are her new adventures in painting with instant coffee. Patricia’s religious beliefs have deeply affected her appreciation for the beauty of creation, which she tries to portray in her works.

Patricia was born and raised in Plymouth. Her mother Jeanette Lindros, was from Kingston and her father William, was from Carver. Patricia has three sisters. She attended Plymouth-Carver High School. Patricia married James Kruskall in 1987 and has two children, Jim and Katie. They all live in the Bridgewater area.

Patricia says that her mother, Jeanette, has always been very creative in all her endeavors but did not start painting until she was 55 years old and still paints today. Patricia herself did not begin painting until she was 55 years old. She began taking art classes with Richard Copello in 2008, and just fell in love with painting with oils. She has her own studio in her home and still attends art classes weekly.

Patricia is a member of the Plymouth and Duxbury Art Guilds and has had several of her paintings receive various awards through the years.