Music @ the Library: Kyle Carey

(Saturday, July 9 @ 2:00 PM) Gaelic Americana recording artist, Kyle Carey, will perform at the Kingston Public Library’s Music @ the Library concert series. Ms. Carey’s music is a unique mixture of Celtic, Appalachian folk, and literary elements. Celtic Beat Magazine has written of Kyle, “In her gentle, modest way Carey represents both a well-traveled path, but also an innovation.”

While Ms. Carey has showcased traditional Gaelic songs on her recorded works, in her original material she breaks new ground in her ability to make that style the pulse of a new American sort of folk music. With influences plucked from bluegrass, gospel, Appalachian ballads and fiddle tunes as well as lyrics from personal experience, Appalachian folktale, Dustbowl narrative, the Old and New Testaments and fused with a bone-deep feel for Celtic tradition, she creates a personal vision as capacious as the North American continent.

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