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Peter Mandel: Going to Extremes

It’s a pretty safe assumption that many of you reading this have done very little or even no traveling over the past two years. From the pandemic to increased travel prices, it’s understandable if you have not. Peter Mandel, however, travels to some pretty extreme locations and then writes about it for some well-known publications. Mr. Mandel hunts for his stories and photos in the world’s far corners, including Antarctica, India, Egypt, Patagonia, the fjords of Norway, the mountain pathways of Japan, and the deserts of Africa and he’s here to share all his stories in a program entitled Going to Extremes.

In Going to Extremes, Peter will show slides of his most extreme travel experiences: surviving a coup in Ecuador, visiting a ‘city’ of penguins at the South Pole, fishing for piranha on Brazil’s Rio Negro, floating in the Goodyear Blimp, sailing on an Arctic icebreaker, camping in the African bush, and kayaking to the Statue of Liberty. He’ll also deliver the scoop on how travel turns to prose in today’s magazines and newspapers.

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Bonus Borrows from Hoopla

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