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Apple iPad and Pencil

Take your tablet use one step further with our iPad and Pencil. You already know the benefits of an iPad as a tool for reading, games and surfing the net. With the Apple pencil, you can add note taking, writing, art, and design to each project.

Take your work (or fun) to a new level with the Apple iPad and Pencil. Use the tools to tap into your OWN creativity.

Djembe Drum Kit

The Djembe is a chalice shaped drum which originally came from West Africa about 800 years ago. Since that time it has been adopted by many other genres of music such as Jazz, Ska, Latin, and Fusion.

The Djembe is easy to learn and the kit comes with a travel bag and an instruction book. Try this new instrument from the Library of Things and see what kind of music you can drum up.


The Kalimba (or finger harp or thumb piano) is a modern interpretation of the Mbira musical instrument which originated in Zimbabwe. It was adapted in the 1950’s and has gone on to be used by popular musical groups such as Earth, Wind, & Fire.

The Kalimba is user-friendly with labeled keys making it easier to learn songs. Try this new instrument and add a little music to your day.

Camping Chair

Whether you’re sitting by the campfire, attending a soccer game, or catching some rays during your lunch break, this is the Camping Chair for you. It’s lightweight, portable, and it comes with it’s own carrying case.

Pop in to check out this and many other items in our Library of Things!

Bicycle Pump

This bicycle pump is just what you need to prepare for your weekend plans.  It comes with an extra-large handle and base, an easy-to-read bottom mount gauge, and is versatile enough for Mountain, Cruiser, BMX, and Kids bike tires.

A ball needle and inflation cone are also included. Borrow our bicycle pump from the Library of Things and soon you’ll be riding on air.


Giant Checkers Lawn Game

Various forms of what we call Checkers have been around since 3000 BC. Each time the game is adapted, they add even more versatility and this version is no exception. With their larger size and portability, these Giant Checkers are the perfect family activity for inside or out .

All the parts are durable, easy to clean, and all fit in a small easy to carry tote. Perfect for picnic and park- “Check” it out today!