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Good Day Kingston – Episode 12

Kingston Selectman Josh Warren invites Stephen Clinch, the President of the Kingston Public Library Foundation, and Ellen Cook, Board Member of the Kingston Public Library Foundation on his show to discuss the Foundation’s work supporting the Kingston Public Library.

Cook & Clinch share what the foundation has been up to and what exciting events and programs residents can expect in the coming months.

Survey – Are you Fiscally Fit?

The Kingston Public Library has received a grant to offer programming to the community on financial topics including:  credit, banking, home buying, retirement and estate planning, investing, budgeting, shopping, insurance, and paying for college.  Please help us plan for this grant by taking the survey below.

1. To assess your financial literacy, please take this short six question financial literacy quizHow many answers did you get correct?
0 - 1
2 - 3
4 - 5

2. This program will have programming for teens and adults. We are planning programs on the following topics. Check off the ones that would benefit your teens in their daily life.
Paying for college: FAFSA, Pell Grants, Stafford & PLUS loans, private loans
Getting your first job
Understanding paycheck deductions
Building a budget: Wants vs. needs
Meeting goals through financial planning
How to select a bank

3. Check off the ones that would benefit you in your daily life.
Planning for retirement
Planning for the unexpected
Meeting goals through financial planning
How to select a bank
Hiring a financial adviser: What do I need to know?
Building a budget: Wants vs. needs

4. Other suggested topics; please specify

5. Please let us know your preferred schedule for attending workshops. Select all that apply.
Weekday mornings
Weekday afternoons
Weekday evenings
Saturday mornings
Saturday afternoons

Throughout October – Stop & Shop Community Bag Program

The Friends of Kingston Public Library will receive a $1 donation for every $2.50 Community Bag sold at Stop & Shop  stores in Kingston, Halifax, and Plymouth during the month of October!

How it works:

  1. Visit Stop & Shop in Kingston, Halifax, or Plymouth and purchase a Community Bag for $2.50.
  2. Scratch off the code on the tag
  3. Visit, enter your code, and select The Friends of the Kingston Public Library as your non-profit of choice.

September 12th – Author Talk – Roberta Gately Footprints in the Dust

As a young ER nurse in Boston, Roberta Gately was stopped cold by stark images in the news of children with distended bellies and empty haunting stares. She called the aid organization featured in the news story and, within two months, was on her way. Just the word “refugee” sparks conversation and fuels emotion. There are twenty-two million refugees worldwide and another sixty-five million who have been displaced. But who are these people?

Footprints in the Dust: Nursing, Survival, Compassion, and Hope with Refugees Around the World reveals the humanity behind the headlines, beginning where newscasters end their reports. The people within this riveting book are neither all saints nor all sinners but they’re impossible to forget.

She will speak at the Kingston Council on Aging, 30 Evergreen Street.



September 26th – Author Talk – Lisa Duffy This is Home

Sixteen-year-old Libby Winters lives in a seaside town north of Boston called Paradise, a town that rarely lives up to its name. After the death of her mother, Libby lives in the middle apartment of a triple decker with her father and two aunts that live on the top floor. Her father works nights as a policeman, so Libby shuffles back and forth from her apartment to her aunt’s apartment which leaves her wishing for a home of her very own.

In This is Home, the latest novel from author and Kingston resident Lisa Duffy, a new tenant moves in to the first floor apartment. Quinn Ellis is at a crossroads because her husband, who is a war veteran suffering from PTSD, is missing. Despite Libby’s father trying to make Quinn feel welcome, Libby feels quite differently about the new tenant. But soon enough, an unlikely friendship begins to blossom between the two.

She will speak at the Kingston Council on Aging, 30 Evergreen Street.