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October 3rd – Author Talk – Dan Kennedy The Return of the Moguls

In 1993 the Boston Globe was sold to The New York Times Company for a cool $1.1 billion. Twenty years later, they resold it for just $70 million to John Henry, the principle owner of the Boston Red Sox. Henry inspired optimism in Boston because of his track record as a public-spirited business executive, which seemed to ensure that the shrunken newspaper would not be subjected to further downsizing. In just a few days, the sale of the Globe was overtaken by much bigger news. Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon and one of the world’s richest people, bought the Washington Post for $250 million.

In The Return of the Moguls: How Jeff Bezos and John Henry are Remaking Newspapers for the Twenty-First Century, Dan Kennedy tells the story of how, over the course of a generation, the daily newspaper has seen an unchecked slide from record profitability and readership to plummeting profits and increasing irrelevance. The newspaper business is at a perilous crossroads. This essential book explains why and how today’s new crop of media moguls might help it to survive.

He will speak at the Kingston Council on Aging, 30 Evergreen Street.



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Teen Summer Reading Program






How it Works

Teen Summer Reading kicks-off on June 21st for tweens and teens ages 11 and up.

– Get a goody bag and free book when you sign up!

– Read an age appropriate book and submit a one  paragraph book review.

– For each book review completed, you’ll be entered into a gift card drawing!

-Each participant can submit up to 15 book reviews

-The last day to submit book reviews is August 17th

To sign up

Fill out the teen summer reading sign up form and bring it in the Library, or email it to   The second page of this form is where participants can write their book review.

Summer Reading Contest for All Ages – What’s Your Story?

The library holds a universe of stories, what’s yours?



Share your original story, poem, song, image, or video and earn an additional chance to win this summer!

For more information, contact the Library at 781-585-0517







Here’s how it works:

1. Submit your story, poem, song, image, or video to

2. Enjoy stories shared by other participants and view your own online at

3. Be entered to win a raffle prize!


Kingston Public Library Strategic Plan Community Survey

The Kingston Public Library is developing a new strategic plan to identify priority services and programs for the next five years.  Your needs and interests will guide our decisions on specific library goals and activities.  This survey is voluntary and anonymous and we thank you for participating.  The survey will be open until Wednesday July 24th.

Click here to take the survey

Throughout July – Big Y Community Bag Program to Support the Kingston Public Library

Have you been making the change from disposable plastic grocery bags to a more durable, eco-friendly alternative?  If so, then this July is a great time to up your game by purchasing reusable bags at Big Y in Kingston.  Not only will your purchase of reusable bags help reduce plastic waste and make hauling your groceries easier, you’ll also be helping to support the Kingston Public Library in the process.  Big Y Markets has selected the Friends of the Kingston Public Library as the benefiting non-profit organization to receive a donation through the Community Bag Program for the month of July.

The process is simple – head down to Big Y located at 182 Summer Street in Kingston during the month of July and purchase a Big Y Cares reusable bag for $2.50.  For each bag you buy, $1 will be donated to the Friends of the Kingston Public Library.  For more information, contact Mike at the library at 781-585-0517 or email

October 17th – Author Talk – Andrew Holman Hockey: A Global History

Ice hockey, long considered Canadian, is actually a centuries long, worldwide phenomenon. Hockey: A Global History draws on twenty-five years of research to present a monumental history of the sport. There are stories of on-ice stars and organizational visionaries, venues and classic games, the evolution of rules and advances in equipment, and the ascendance of corporations and instances of bureaucratic trickery.

Andrew Holman charts modern hockey’s “birthing” in Montreal and follow its migration from Canada south to the United States and east to Europe. The story then shifts from the sport’s emergence as a nationalist battlefront to the movement of talent across international borders to the game of today, where men and women at all levels of play lace ’em up on the shinny ponds of Saskatchewan, the wide ice of the Olympics, and across the breadth of Asia.

He will speak at the Kingston Council on Aging, 30 Evergreen Street.



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November 7th – Author Talk – Josh Cutler Mobtown Massacre: Alexander Hanson and the Baltimore Newspaper War of 1812

During the War of 1812 the nation was bitterly divided. When a fiery young Federalist editor named Alexander Hanson spoke out in defense of a newspaper that dared to express unpopular views, a violent standoff crippled the city of Baltimore and Hanson was beaten within an inch of his life. Mobtown Massacre: Alexander Hanson and the Baltimore Newspaper War of 1812 examines this little known episode in American History.

This little known episode is complete with a midnight jailbreak, bloodthirsty mobs and unspeakable acts of torture. Josh Cutler’s history of the Mobtown Massacre offers a lesson in liberty as well as how this event helped shape the course of war, the Federalist Party and the nation’s very notion of the freedom of the press.

He will speak at the Kingston Council on Aging, 30 Evergreen Street.




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