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January Gallery Exhibit – Senior Self Portraits, Stand Ups, and Endangered Animals and Exhibition by Silver Lake High School Art Students

This January, we feature the artwork of the students of art teacher Rachel Maguire at Silver Lake Regional High School. This exhibit is on display in the gallery, the display case and on the flat panels.  This is a bright and unique exhibit of paintings and stand-ups that have been created by these talented students.

A word from Ms. Rachel Maguire, Art Teacher, Silver Lake Regional High School

This show features artwork from our high school students in the Studio Art 2 and Art Major classes at Silver Lake Regional High School. Studio Art 2  and Art Major are full-year elective classes for our serious art students in our four year art track.

“I am so proud of these students!  Please enjoy all their lovely artwork. They are dedicated group of students and have produced beautiful projects this year.”

Our Art Major and Studio Art 2 classes both created the 3-D stand-ups you see around the library. Our students made these whimsical and colorful stand-ups earlier this to brighten up our school library. We are so happy to share them with  a larger audience. Students created these with foam core, cardboard, and acrylic paint.

Seniors in Art Major created senior self-portraits this semester.  These paintings are very insightful and meaningful. The senior class not only had to stretch their own canvases, but also were tasked with digging into their fears and dreams to paint their inner selves.  These  acrylic paintings are little windows into the souls of our senior class.

Studio Art 2 has painted their favorite endangered animals to raise awareness. Information is available at about the Endangered Species Coalition (ESC) and ways everyone can help. Our chance to save the animals is right now! From the polar bears to the Florida panthers, they need our help. Endangered Species Day is coming up on May 15.


November Gallery Exhibit – Apple Pencil Drawing and Zen Doodle Exhibit

This November, our gallery features  the  ‘Digital Art:Apple Pencil Drawing and Zen Doodle.’  In this exhibit, there are a series of examples of the work done by students and instructors in two of your library’s course offerings this year.

Drawing with the Apple Pencil has trained over 70 library patrons ranging in age from 8 to 86. It uses iPads and Apple Pencils. For many students this was their first exposure to “Digital Art”.

The participants in these courses have produced some impressive artwork –  especially from ‘students’ claiming to have no drawing skills. Virtually everyone feels happy about the learning and claims to have had fun as well.

Zen Doodle is a low stress technique for creating, what appears to be, complex designs from an array of simple patterns. This is a wonderful technique  for all those who have always wanted to dabble in art, but felt they had no talent. This offers a simple approach to art and an opportunity for each individual to tap into their creative nature. The artwork can be created using either paper and pen or an iPad with an iPad pencil and the Procreate app.


October Gallery Exhibit – Council on Aging Oil Painting Class Exhibit

This October, the Kingston Public Library will exhibit work by student of A. Violet Berry in their Wednesday morning oil painting workshop. The students featured in this exhibit are Diane Wilson, Ruth Littman, Richard Stevens, Sue Mrosk, Rita Bento, Armando Enriquez, Bill Mello, Gladys McGarry, Maralyn “Gig” Paris, Leanne Berry, Susan Traft, and Bonnie Buhl.

All of these students are senior citizens, most from Kingston. Some have painted before, but for many this class has been their introduction to painting.

For the past 16 years, Mrs. Berry, for many years an art teacher in the Kingston school system, has been teaching oil painting through the Council on Aging. Former Council on Aging Director Muriel Boyce made the original suggestion to Mrs. Berry and her late husband Patrick, and worked with them to plan and promote the class to seniors, and it has proven very popular; most of the students from the first class have continued through several years. Classes are held in spring and fall at the senior center on Wednesday mornings.

The exhibit will be on view in the library’s gallery and display case throughout October.


September Gallery Exhibit – ‘Sea And Shore’ by Paul Casagrande

This September, our gallery features the paintings of Kingston artist Paul Casagrande. In this exhibit, ‘Sea And Shore’ we feel and see the scenic beauty of the New England lighthouses, landscapes, portraits and more. This exhibit is a blend of oils and watercolors from his own photos and collectors photos for commissions.

About the Artist:

Paul is an artist who paints people, landscapes, cityscapes, and anything else to make the viewer feel as though they are part of the scene.

Paul studied art at the former Vesper George School of Art in Boston, MA. He has taken workshops with many of the finest widely known artists and studied the works of the old masters. He was introduced to many very good artists through Lilias Cingolani’s New Art Forum.

Paul really enjoys working with memory care residents at over 40 nursing and assisted living homes. He developed an art program for these classes that is geared toward learning to paint and having “FUN” while keeping the brain active.



August Gallery Exhibit – Nancy Kepus: A Journey In Art

This August, our gallery features the oil paintings of Nancy Kepus.  In this exhibit, ‘Nancy Kepus: A Journey In Art’, her love of nature comes through to the viewer. In the painting titled ‘Horses On the Move’ the power and the beauty of each the horses will take your breath away. From bears to rabbits and scenic views, each painting will draw you in to that world.

About the Artist:

Nancy was born in Kingston in 1922. She was just a baby when her parents moved to Michigan where her father found steady work.

Her art journey began when she moved to the state of Washington in the early ’70’s. She lived near an art center and being inspired by the beauty of the mountains, flowers and animals, she began painting classes.

Nancy’s natural talent came through as she delved into watercolors and oils. She was encouraged to enter her works in nearby fairs and many won awards. Her proudest was the ‘Drinking Horse’ painting which won Best In Show and People’s Choice. Nancy was also up to challenges when a neighbor mentioned that horses were hard to paint. As a result, Nancy completed the ‘Horses On the Move’ (24×36 oil on canvas) in less than three weeks. She extended her creativity to calligraphy and added writing with her own poetry. Using these works, Nancy entered contests. Her successes included winning trips to Alaska and Hawaii, as well as miscellaneous gifts. She continued watercolors when she moved to Florida. The flowers and beaches were her inspiration.

In 2007 she returned to her hometown, Kingston, where she participated with Violet Berry’s painting class at the Kingston Senior Center. Then at the age 80 and 90+, Nancy came to cherish the New England lighthouses and nature. She appreciated opportunities to paint with the group and welcomed the challenges to develop her skills with Violet’s keen instruction.

I am proud to share my mom’s story in art. Her presence can be felt through the way she saw the beauty around her.



June Display Case Exhibit – ‘Raingutter Regatta and Pinewood Derby 2019’ by Kingston Cub Scout Pack 49

This June, our display case features the sailboats and cars created by the members of Kingston’s Cub Scout Pack 49.

Each year, Kingston’s Pack 49 gathers together to take part in two fun and exciting Cub Scout traditions; the Pinewood Derby and the Raingutter Regatta.

The Pinewood Derby has been an annual tradition in scouting since 1953. With the help of their parents, the scouts must take a seven inch long block of wood, four nails, and four plastic wheels that have been provided to them, and then tap into their imaginations to come up with a design for their car. Next, they take that design and devote countless hours of hard work bringing that design to life. All of the scout families then gather together on race day and the Scouts take their cars and race against each other down the long, sloping track, putting their faith in gravity to get their car down the track the quickest.

The Raingutter Regatta is the sailboat equivalent of the Pinewood Derby. Only this time, the Scouts take their freshly crafted sailboats and go head-to-head in an exciting race down a water-filled rain gutter using nothing more than a straw to blow wind into their sails in an exciting dash towards the finish line.

Both of these events are about much more than just winning a race or who came up with the best design. In fact, these events teach the scouts many valuable skills and traits such as sportsmanship, engineering, craftsmanship, and creativity. Furthermore, it is an excellent way for children and their parents to spend time bonding while crafting these projects. This display represents just a few of the many spectacular sailboats and cars that came directly from the imaginations of the crafty Cub Scouts in Kingston’s Pack 49.


June Gallery Exhibit – ‘Revolutionary Art’: an exhibit of posters from the collection of Stephen Lewis

This June, our gallery features another unique display of posters from the collection of Stephen Lewis. In this exhibit, ‘Revolutionary Art’, we see the power of art to effect social change. Art in this form has been used historically to communicate a message and inspire individuals to take action. The power of the visual message draws their audience in with the beauty as well as the message.

Historically, posters were used by leaders or movements to educate and win support of people who were perhaps illiterate. Some of these posters represent powerful expressions by various poster artists. Others represent the viewpoint of states and political groups motivated by ideology.  In a number of countries, posters are used regularly and extensively to convey ideas as well as to generate support for candidates for election. Posters are also an inexpensive way for a group to communicate a simple message. Frequently, posters are created for use for a very brief period and then are discarded and lost forever. It is unfortunate that many posters have suffered that fate. Posters can create a historical reference for a people, a movement or a society. Posters can be a very beautiful form of advocacy.  As commercial advertising calls for more consumption, a political poster calls for more action.

This project is supported in part by Roofers Local 33, Painters District Council 35 and by Laborers Local 1249.

Stephen Lewis is a retired trade union leader. He has a collection of over 8600 posters and counting, which he has displayed over the past 17 years in many libraries around the state.


May Art Exhibit – ‘Vision of 2023’ an exhibition of artwork by the Silver Lake Middle School 8th Grade Art Students

This May,  the Kingston Public Library will feature those talented young artists from the Silver Lake Middle School 8th Grade Art Class.  In this exhibit, ‘The Vision of 2023’ , the out of this world paintings and sculptures will inspire your imagination. This is your opportunity to see their creativity and imagination on display. You will be delighted when you see these works in our gallery, display case and the flat panels.

We are pleased to exhibit the work of the art students of Erica McGhee. This is their sixth annual exhibition here at the library.

From Erica McGhee to her Students:

Dear Students,

I cannot express with words how proud I am of you. You have accomplished so much this year in art class. Art two is an advanced, fast pace class with many challenges and you all excelled beyond my hopes. We dove into many projects with many different materials and with each project you each took on the adventure and improved drastically.

What I love most about teaching you is your enthusiasm for art and your creativity. This year you have all made me a better teacher. You have allowed me to design projects for you that are advanced and fun. You should be proud of the work you have created over these past eight months. I was also your seventh grade art teacher and to be able to see where you have come from  and the amount of improvement that has happened in two years has been wonderful and inspiring.

Art does not have to be a career in your future (unless you want it to be). What I want you to take away from this year in art is the love of creating. Being able to look at something and see the beauty in it. Being able to be creative is a gift that you have all explored this year. You have all pushed yourself through these projects, some days were harder than others, some projects we found more challenging than others, but in the end you all completed these projects  with great attitudes and some amazing art came out of it.

Please continue your love of art. Please continue to stay creative people, and please always be proud of whatever you create because it comes from within you.  Your art can be made to hang on a wall, it can be made for someone else, or it can simply be made for you, whatever the reason you make art allow yourself to enjoy it.

Thank you all for a wonderful year and I look forward to seeing what high school brings for each one of you 🙂


Mrs. McGhee


April Art Exhibit – “Through The Looking Class”: an exhibition of Sacred Heart Middle and High School Art Students

This April, the Kingston Public Library Art Committee features the 21st Annual Sacred Heart Middle and High School Exhibition. This exhibit features their paintings, drawings, digital photography, and mixed media. The students, under the direction of art teacher Julie Trahon, have brought their visions and talents to these unique creations. A reception will be held for the students on Saturday, April 27 at 12 to 2 pm in the library courtyard.

“In art, or “the looking class,” we learn to look harder and try to see things in a different light. We venture into our imagination, endeavor to express ourselves and share our unique perspective. “Through the Looking Class” is a collection of artwork and digital photography which reflects the lessons students have learned this year on the elements of art and the principles of design. These lessons include drawing still-lifes from observation, anatomy drawings, color studies, imaginative drawings, portraiture, multimedia projects, and digital photographs.

This exhibition provides a professional forum for student artists; another important purpose of this exhibit is to foster creativity and promote the importance of the arts in our schools.


March Gallery and Display Case Exhibit – ‘A Preview of Spring: Floral Watercolors’ by Patricia Flaherty

This March, the breath of spring will be on exhibit in our gallery and display case with ‘A Preview of Spring: Floral Watercolors’ by Duxbury artist Patricia Flaherty.

Patricia Flaherty studied both English and art in college and pursued a career as an academic editor in Boston and Cambridge. In later years, upon moving to Duxbury, she focused on artistic endeavors, and after working in various media, was drawn to exploring the loose flowing effects that one can achieve from watercolor techniques.

Her work in this medium has sought to demonstrate the ways that water can interact with line, form, and color to elicit the less obvious aspects of the beauty of our surroundings and the artistic potential of the shapes and interactions of elements in the environment. She has applied this technique and design strategy in all her work, including still life compositions and rural landscapes, with a special emphasis on floral images.

Ms. Flaherty is a juried member of the Russell Gallery in Plymouth, the Cape Cod Art Association, and the Eastham Painters Guild. Her work has also been exhibited and received awards at juried shows sponsored by various other art organizations. Several of her paintings have been selected for publication in editions of the Eastham Summer Guide, and she has been a finalist several times in the North River Arts Society calendar competition. In addition, she has served as a member of the Board of Directors of the Helen Bumpus Gallery in Duxbury.