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Spec Tennis

Are you new to tennis, or perhaps a lifetime player but not able to cover a full court due to an injury? Maybe just looking for a new fun paddle sport for the family that you can play in your own driveway? Then Spec Tennis is for you!

Spec Tennis was started in Northern California 4.5 years ago and has recently come to the East Coast. Spec combines elements of tennis, platform tennis and pickleball with a low compression tennis ball on a smaller court. Spec Tennis is great for all ages and is the perfect outdoor family sport.

Post/Hole Digger

This digger is really a multi-tool for constructing the bases of decks, mailboxes, fencing and more. It comes with a measuring stick for accuracy and cushioned handles for comfort.

You can borrow the digger in conjuction with our gardening kit and seeds and start planning your perfect weekend project. Can you dig it?