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December 7th at 11am – Building a Budget for Teens: Wants vs. Needs

Building and managing a budget is an important skill that, when learned at an early age, can help form the foundation of a strong financial future.  For young adults just starting out on their own, managing financial responsibilities like student debt, car payments, rent, utilities, and groceries can be an intimidating task.  Having the skills to develop an organized, well thought out budget can help alleviate some of the stress that comes with financial independence, and set your teen on a path to a solid financial future.

Teens interested in learning about budgeting can join Christopher Eklund from Powder Point Wealth Management on December 7th at 11am at the Adams Center for Building a Budget: Wants vs. Needs for Teens. Chris has close to twenty years of management and investment experience and has worked with executives, families, and entrepreneurial business owners to simplify their financial goals into a manageable and actionable plan.

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