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Open a Library Card Online

We recognize that due to the current situation with COVID-19, it’s not possible to visit the Library and open a card.  It’s also difficult to keep busy and entertained when spending so much time at home.  That’s why we have decided to temporally allow for applications for library cards to be submitted online.   If you don’t have a library card, and would like to use one to access our online resources, fill out the form below and we will get back to you soon by email.

Once the Library has re-opened to the public, users who signed up online will have to visit the library in person to keep their cards active.

Once you have your card number, visit our Digital Collections Page to access our online resources.

Patrons under 18 years of age are required to enter their parent, guardian, or teacher’s name in order to apply.  Please use the “Care of” field in the form below to enter a parent or guardians name.


    If you are under 18, fill in the name of your parents, guardian, or teacher here

    Open a Card and Use it From Home

    Open a Card

    Click here to open a library card online

    Using Your Card From Home

    There’s lots you can do from home with your library card.  Check out an ebook, watch a movie, read a newspaper and more!

    New Services!

    With a growing course catalog of over 500 online classes Universal Class provides continuing education to cover almost any interest. Over 500,000 students around the world have benefited from Universal Class’ unique instructional technologies. With streaming video, website avatars, insightful instructional content, helpful tutors, and a social networking experience, Universal Class offers an engaging and measurable learning experience that can help you reach your educational goals.

    Kanopy is an award-winning video streaming service providing access to more than 30,000 independent and documentary films ─  titles of unique social and cultural value from The Criterion Collection, The Great Courses, Media Education Foundation, and thousands of independent filmmakers.  You’ll need your Kingston Public Library Card to log in.  Don’t have a card?  Open one online here!

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