What is a library of things?

A library of things is a collection of non-traditional items that library card holders can check out, use, and return to the library.  The purpose of the Kingston Public Library’s library of things is to provide our patrons with:

  • Access to tools and equipment that are either too costly, or only needed for limited use.
  • Opportunities for patrons to engage life long learning and enrichment activities.
  • Useful items and technology that assists in everyday life.
  • Fun!

How does a library of things work?

There may be a bit more paperwork, but for the most part, checking out an item from the library of things is very similar to checking out a book, movie, or anything else at the library.

Our Library of Things is expanding.  Check back soon for more items.



Check out one of our ukuleles and learn how to play!

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Check out the cosmos!

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Kill A Watt® Meter – Electricity Usage Monitor

Using a Kill A Watt® Meter,  you can cut down on costs and find out what appliances are actually worth keeping plugged in.

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Metal Detector

Look for treasure, artifacts, or that earring you lost!

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Bubble Machine

Great for birthday parties, kids events, or just for fun!

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Travel Adapter

Traveling out of the US and need power?  We’ve got you covered!  This universal travel adapter is compatible for use in over 150  countries.

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Corn Hole Set

Great for parties and events!

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Bocce Ball Lawn Game

Bocce, also known as Italian lawn bowling, is one of the most widely played games in the world and is one of the oldest yard games.

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Mobile Hotspots 

Get 4G speeds anywhere.  Check out one of our 4G mobile hotspots and connect your device to Wifi on the go!

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Stud Finder

The Zircon stud scanner detects the edges of wood and metal studs and alerts you of live AC wires helping you easily find studs and avoid hazards while mounting a TV, hanging cabinets, installing shelving and more.

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Projector and Screen

Watch a movie on the big screen anywhere and anytime you want.


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Yarn Winder

Swift winder has a smooth and easy rotation so that it provides a squeak free experience. It also allows the yarn to be wound into a ball in the quickest time possible.


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Charging Stations and Cords For In-Library Use

Need to power up at the library?  Use one of our charging stations or check out a mobile battery pack to power your gadget.  We have cords to fit almost any device!