Kingston Community Seed Library

What is a seed library?

Our beautiful seed library, designed and painted by Kingston resident Jess Kjellander and her daughter Olivia.

Seed libraries are a grassroots movement designed to help support local growers, keep up crop diversity, and connect gardeners of all experience and interest levels.

Seed libraries work through the efforts of the community to save seeds and share them with their neighbors.  Gardeners can browse the library and take home seeds they would like to grow.  Growers who wish to donate can collect seeds according to the seed saving instructions and check their seeds into the library for others to use.

Kingston’s Seed Library

Our seed library features dozens of varieties of flowers, fruits, and vegetables.  The seed packets contain basic information about each seed, but if you would like more detailed information on specific plant types, check out one of our books or use a computer to research how to most effectively grow your plants.

How does our Seed Library Work?

One of the goals of our seed library is to make gardening and seeds accessible to all visitors of the library!  Getting seeds from our library is simple:

-Pick out some packets of seeds that you would like to grow.

-Mark down in the log what type of seeds you took so we can keep track and re-stock our supplies.

-If a packet of seeds contains too many for you to grow yourself, use an empty seed envelope and take only what you need.

Kingston’s SeedLibrary@Home

Thank you to all who ordered seeds!  We hope you have a great growing season!

At the moment we are not taking any more seed orders.  Due to an overwhelming response, our seed supply has been depleted.  If you would like to donate seeds, you can mail them to us at 6 Green Street, Kingston, MA 02364.  Or come by and drop them in the book drop!

Gardening Resources

Massachusetts Horticultural Society

Umass Amherst Center for Agriculture, Food, and the Environment

National Gardening Association

American Horticultural Society

SeedSavers Exchange – Planning a garden

GardenWeb – an online gardening forum

Guerrilla Gardening – a growing forum for gardeners with limited space

The Kingston Garden Club on Facebook

The Helpful Gardener Forums – resources for younger gardeners