Black and white photo. A grave stone in a graveyard

The Old Burying Ground, Kingston’s first cemetery, occupies part of the land granted in 1721 by Major John Bradford to the people of the North Precinct of Plymouth, which became the Town of Kingston in 1726.  We have a few lists of  those buried here, as well as a plat of the Old Burying Ground adapted from a 1997 Eagle Scout project poster.

In 2019, the Kingston Historical Commission initiated a master planning project to guide future preservation activities. In 2020, the report was completed, and is available here.

For the locations of particular graves in the Old Burying Ground,  use the list in the appendices or  the form below.

St. Joseph’s Cemetery is private,  part of of the Saint Joseph Parish of Kingston-Plympton. For more information, contact the Parish office at 781-585-6679 or through their website.

The Kingston Evergreen Cemetery opened in 1853 under a voluntary association now called the Kingston Evergreen Cemetery Association, Inc. Historical records of the cemetery are available in the Local History Room as PC24 Kingston Evergreen Cemetery Association Collection.  A map showing lot numbers is available on the Maps page. For a lookup by name, please use this form.

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