Notable Residents

Listed below are Kingston residents, who are remembered for their contributions and accomplishments. This is not a complete list, but merely a list that highlights some of the more notable Kingstonians. For biographies and images (if available), click on the name listed.

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Frederic C. Adams (1821–1874): benefactor of the first public library in Kingston

Helen Adair Hammond Adams (1883–1962): Kingston historian and (antique) collector. Helen Adair Hammond Adams Papers finding aid. 

Horatio Adams (1845–1911): benefactor of the first public library in Kingston

Lydia T. Adams (1821-1908): teacher and (antique mirror) collector. Lydia T. Adams Letters finding aid.

Sarah DeNormandie Bailey (1865-1932): author, businesswoman, and prominent Kingston resident

Cornelius Bartlett (1811-1880): Kingston historian. Cornelius A. Bartlett Papers finding aid.

Uriah Bartlett (1789-1883): prominent Kingston resident

Ada Brewster (1842-1929): artist. Ada Brewster Collection finding aid.

Ruth Chandler (1894-1978): children’s author. Ruth Forbes Chandler Collection finding aid.

Ebenezer Cobb (1694-1801): oldest Kingston resident (he lived in three centuries!)

Charles H. Drew (1853-1937): prominent Kingston resident, also involved with Water Department and C. Drew and Company. Charles Drew Diaries finding aid.

Emily Fuller Drew (1881-1959): Kingston historian. Emily Fuller Drew Collection finding aid.

Seth Drew, Major (1747-1824)

Thomas B. Drew, II (1834-1898): dentist, Kingston historian and first curator / librarian of Pilgrim Hall in Plymouth. Thomas Bradford Drew Collection finding aid.

Wylie Ellis (1818-1896): founder of the Ellis School for Boys

Walter H. Faunce (1832-1930): prominent Kingston resident, very much involved in agriculture and local politics. Walter H. Faunce Diaries finding aid.

Helen Desire Foster (1900-1998): first practicing woman commercial artist in Boston and designer of the Town Seal

Edward Holmes (1806-1888): prominent shipbuilder; built and launched the last vessel (the Helen A. Holmes) during Kingston’s shipbuilding years

Helen Holmes (1865-1938): prominent Kingston resident, founder of Jones River Village Club, dean of two colleges, head of Maison International House in Geneva, Switzerland. Helen Holmes Papers finding aid.

Joseph Holmes (1772-1863): prominent shipbuilder

Lothrop Holmes (1824-1899): famous decoy carver.Lothrop Holmes Papers finding aid.

Dolly Bryant Bates Hyde (1826-1908): author of Four Years on the Pacific Coast 

Henry M. Jones (1859-1926): author of Ship of Kingston. Henry M. Jones Collection finding aid.

Henry Keith (1827-1909): storekeeper and winner of the Louisiana lottery

Jennie McLaughlin (1868-1947):first public librarian in Kingston. Jennie F. McLauthlen Papers finding aid.

William H. Myrick (1828-1910):storekeeper

Edward Ransom (1845-1922): captain and boat builder known for his improvements on the lobster boat

Jesse Reed (1778-1867): inventor

Catherine Drew Russell (1839-1910): teacher, poet, and musician

Elizabeth B. Sampson (1868-1958): philanthropist

Simeon Samson (1736-1789): first naval captain appointed by the Provincial Congress of Massachusetts during the Revolutionary War and captain of the brig Independence

Martha Sever (1839-1864): nurse who served and died during the Civil War

George Shiverick (1870-1943): shipbuilder

John Thomas, General (1724-1776): Kingston physician, General on George Washington’s staff, assisted in the evacuation of Boston during the Revolutionary War

John Thomas, Colonel (1766-1852): merchant and Colonel in Massachusetts Militia

Peleg Wadsworth, General (1778 – 1829): Revolutionary War General and grandfather of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

“Uncle” Seth Washburn Jr. (1769-1860): co-founder of Stony Brook Iron Works and local character

Thomas Willett (1611-1674): first Mayor of New York