Image Collections

Girl Scouts on the Training Green, Memorial Day, 1943

There are more than 12,000 photographic prints, lantern slides, stereoviews, negatives and other graphic materials dating from the 19th century to today in the Local History Room. These images focus on people, places, houses, events, and ships in Kingston, but the region, the state and the world are represented as well.

Houses on Summer Street, Kingston, in 1927

Summer Street, looking south, 1927

The images belong to a number of distinct manuscript and record collections held by the Local History Room, including the Jones River Village Historical Society (almost 1400 images), the Ted Avery Collection (nearly 850 images) and the Emily Fuller Drew Collection (over 600 images), as well as the LHR General Images Collection (just under 2200 images).

Hermit Dan Fuller in front of his home

Hermit Dan Fuller in front of his home, 1893

At present, the images are described in a local database, searchable by the Archivist on request. Originals can be viewed by appointment.

Currently, there are 210 images from the Emily Fuller Drew Collection available to view online through the Digital Commonwealth. There are a growing number of images and texts online in our digital archives here and here. Both are works in progress so expect all kinds of exciting additions and changes!