Art Committee

Currently our exhibit hall is closed.  Check back soon for updates.

Welcome to the Library Art Committee

The Library Art Committee works with local artists to create monthly exhibits, with the goal of giving exposure to local artists and representing a range of styles and ideas, ages and audiences .

Exhibits have featured work from students to professional artists.  Our biggest project was the creation of the Jones River Mural which is now permanently on display at the Kingston Intermediate School, a project that involved many artists in the community and drew support from local businesses and individuals.

How To Exhibit

It’s easy to exhibit your work at the Kingston Public Library!

Complete this exhibit application form. We will want to see several pieces from your proposed exhibit. You may request a specific month. The committee will review your application.

After your application has been approved, we will work with you to schedule your exhibit. If you would like to have a reception, we’ll work with you on that, too. For more detailed information about the exhibit space and how to exhibit, see the Guidelines for exhibitors.

A committee member will help with the installation of your exhibit. You will need to sign a  loan contract when you bring your work to the Library.

Exhibit Locations

  • The Gallery looks out on the library courtyard. The area is 40 feet long and has lighting that will enhance the artwork. We use a Walker exhibit system.
  • The display case is located in the reading area across from the circulation desk.The case measures 17″ in height, 20″ in depth and 68″ in width. This case is used for both art exhibits and community displays.
  • The flat panels are also located in the reading area. We have three flat panels and work can be hung on both sides. These panels measure 68″h by 50″ w.

Publicity and Receptions

We publicize exhibits in the local papers and on our website and social media. If you give us an artist photo and images of your work, we will use those in our publicity. Otherwise, we will take our own photographs of your work. We encourage you to send your own announcements as well. If you have asked for a reception, we encourage you to send out invitations.

Committee Members

  • Sylvia Vaz, Chairperson
  • Gig Paris
  • Joan Lyons
  • Ed Bielecki