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A foul fowl?

Sometimes you come across an image that really makes you wish someone had written a caption. Here is one such photo.

With Delano’s Wharf in the background, we know that the photo was taken on the edge of Kingston Bay. The man stooped over the water resembles Charlie Delano (1837 – 1903) who fished and clammed in the area. But what is he doing with that bird? Catching it? Releasing it? Giving it a rinse? Added to the puzzle are the expectant looks from the four by-standers to the left.

Any ideas?


Source: Image from the Delano Photograph Collection (IC11).


Red Cross swimming lessons behind Delano's Wharf, circa 1945
Red Cross swimming lessons behind Delano’s Wharf, circa 1945

There’s a new exhibit in the Local History case in the Library lobby.  Stop by to see photos of summers past in Kingston: ice cream, beaches, picnics and more.


Source: Mary Hathaway Collection MC21

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