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Bicycle Pump

This bicycle pump is just what you need to prepare for your weekend plans.  It comes with an extra-large handle and base, an easy-to-read bottom mount gauge, and is versatile enough for Mountain, Cruiser, BMX, and Kids bike tires.

A ball needle and inflation cone are also included. Borrow our bicycle pump from the Library of Things and soon you’ll be riding on air.


New Exhibit: A few of my favorite things

The things in the exhibit case, June 2012
The things in the exhibit case, June 2012

Instead of the photographs and documents usually on display in the Local History exhibit case, this month we’ve got a bunch of things, or more formally, artifacts, relics, realia.

What kind of things are these, you might ask?  If Julie Andrews were here, she’d sing it like this…

A box full of shoe tacks, a piece of bog iron
A stereoviewer, a cat’s paw for prying
A hammer for caulking, a key on a string
These are a few of my favorite things

Well, okay, maybe not.