Bartlett's Green is located on the Jones River, above the Pumping Station and "Cotton Factory." The Baptist Society had its first meeting house at what is now the corner of Main Street and Maple Avenue. In early days, the rite of immersion was practiced in some natural stream, after the manner of baptisms in the River Jordan. The Bartlett family were loyal members of society, the first meeting house was built on a part of Captain Joseph Bartlett's farm, and in addition to that, a place for immersions was provided on the river back of the Bartlett house with a right of way down to the river from the main highway. For the owner, it was called bartlett's Green, and a more beautiful spot would be difficult to find. Bartlett's Green, like so many other familiar spots in Kingston, has changed with the years, but is remembered as being a very lovely and peaceful. From the bank of the river, the brush and trees had been cut away (unless a natural cove already existed with sandy sides), giving access to the stream. Tall trees on either side of the cove flanked by lower bushes which made a sheltered retreat; the bed of the cove a clean yellow sand; low banks forming a semi-circle about the cove; a wide, green amphitheater carpeted with grass and flowers, with the roadway winding down through the ravine from the highway, the sides of the ravine well clothed with trees and low growth. Greenness, quiet peace, cool shade and open sunshine, a sense of seclusion increased by the little green island which shut off the view of the millpond from the tiny cove, all seemed to unite to make this a fit setting for the impressive rites performed there.

There were times, however, then the scene was not one of greenness and warmth. Some of the baptisms were made in the dead of winter when snow lay thick on the ground and it became necessary to break the ice for the ceremony; but most of them were made in the warmth and loveliness of summer time and it must have been a beautiful and impressive scene with the natural charm of the cove, the beauty of the background and the quiet congregation gathered in the natural amphitheater.

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